1. That photo you used for this article, David, of Manu with the full bedroom eyes thing he’s got going on, its no wonder MKR rates near two million every night. Who’s going to say no to that?

  2. MKR and The Block pretty much have the same audience rating each year. Must make the networks and advertisers happy knowing when they start fillming a series exactly who will be watching.

  3. Why was a lot of the commercial news down last night?
    Nine News rated as normal, but Seven News would be expecting to top the million on a Tuesday during ratings. And 454 is low for Ten’s 5pm news. ABC and SBS news held up though.

  4. I watch The Biggest Loser and agree with Pete that it should be screened Mon-Fri at 7pm, because if most people have a choice they will watch MKR or the The Block over TBL.

  5. Is the Sochi coverage shown on Ten after 8.30 also simulcast on One at the same time? Or do both channels broadcast different events? That would be rather silly if so.

  6. @ Pete

    I doubt TEN are keen for the Winter Olympics to end.. Even though its not setting the ratings on fire, it’s been enough to push them back into third spot most nights. Once it ends they’ll probably fall behind the ABC again.

  7. I think Ten have done a great job with the Olympics. They’ve done well slotting it around their normal shows, I agree that Loser is getting rough treatment though.

    And as a reality TV fan, I’m annoyed that none of the staions are doing a 7pm show. I like the project, so i end up watching that, but I’d prefer to be watching the Block.

  8. What do Ten do with Biggest Loser? Has no support whatsoever, and not likely to unless it is stripped to 30 mins at 7.00pm Monday to Friday – it then might stand a chance before the brand is damaged forever.

    Ten must be super keen for Winter Olympics to end – they never rate as good as Summer Olympics do.

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