Returning: Downton Abbey

2014-02-16_0047As expected, Season Four of Downton Abbey begins on Seven next Sunday night.

Following Matthew’s untimely death, new mother Mary is struggling to come to terms with her loss. Robert and Violet disagree on how to bring her through it. Downstairs, hearts are set to be broken as Jimmy finally takes an interest in Ivy. Carson has an unwelcome reminder of his past while Mrs Hughes sees an opportunity to help grief stricken Isobel. Thomas is up to his old tricks and has the children’s Nanny in his sights.

Meanwhile in the UK it has been announced that three new actors are joining Season 5: Richard E. Grant, Anna Chancellor (The Hour) and Rade Sherbedgia (24). Grant will portray Simon Bricker, who visits as a guest of the Granthams.

8:40pm Sunday February 23 on Seven.


  1. carolemorrissey

    Yeah, I’ve had a couple of spoilers for this show, since it finished in the UK months ago. I just hope nobody dies this time, we had enough deaths last season. I don’t know why 7 pick & choose which shows to fast track. They won’t fast track this show or Revenge, but will fast track others. So much happens in Revenge it is impossible not to get spoilers. I already know who shoots Emily, which is the basis of the mystery for the first half of the show. It’s really frustrating when they won’t fast track the right shows.

  2. S4 DVD has been out since late November. 7 take so long with Downton and let’s not forget that during it’s season I’m sure they will have some announcements like ” Downton will return in two weeks time”.

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