Returning: Have You Been Paying Attention?

2014-02-12_1732Working Dog panel show Have You Been Paying Attention? returns to TEN shortly.

Hosted by Tom Gleisner, Have You Been Paying Attention is a fastpaced and irreverent look at international and local news with five comedians competing to see who can remember the most about the events of the week.

It’s back from 6pm Sunday February 23. Kindly pay attention.


  1. Pass…if ten were serious they’d shell out the big bucks and get working dog to produce Thank God you’re here – that stripped at 6pm across the week could work as a solid alternative to the news duopoly

  2. harrypotter1994

    Ten may as well return some low rating shows and hope word of mouth helps their shows out…then once they have consistency people might come back…what else would they air anyway??

  3. I actually enjoyed this show last year. But airing it at 6pm Sundays? that’s is a bad timeslot for ay show on Ten. Its against the very popular Sunday News service on Seven and Nine

  4. Big mistake ten …. this didnt rate last year and it wont rate this year ……your heading for a thumping in the ratings this year and you already know it …..

  5. @Harry These shows “flopped” not because they are terrible shows, but because people do not watch Ten. Viewers would rather watch xenophobic shows like Border Security on Seven than most of the shows that Ten have to offer. Ten has some great shows IMO. What they don’t have is a strong brand. Seven on the other hand can make a show with idiots cooking up stuff that my dog could manage and that rates through the roof.
    Yes it is sad that Ten is and has been going down the drain for quite some time. The 64 thousand dollar question is “How do Ten rebuild their brand?”

  6. You have to wonder whether the executives in charge at Ten are deliberately trying to bankrupt the network.

    The Sunday news bulletins from Nine and Seven are amongst the highest rating of the week and Ten schedule this nice enough show against them.

    Seriously stupid.

  7. I’m dumbstruck TEN have decided to bring this series back. It flopped last year! I also read online that they are bringing Wanted back too, yet another flop! What are they thinking, spending money on flops will never help them rebuild, they may as well just flush their money down the toilet. They desperately need an executive who understand television to help them get back on track. It’s heartbreaking to see such a great channel for so many years just disintegrate before your eyes!

  8. I really enjoyed this show last year. Great to see working dog back on tv. Just a bad time slot. But I suppose that’s what you get when you are on a network with news at 5pm. Move news to 6 pm and this would great at 7pm Sunday

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