Returning: Puberty Blues

2014-02-16_0030Long-awaited TEN drama Puberty Blues returns early next month.

The series is back from 8:30pm Wednesday March 5.

This season the writers take the show into unchartered waters, as it now moves beyond the life of the storylines published in the original novel.

Summer 1979. Joined-at-the-hip teenagers Debbie and Sue are back. They’re having the time of their lives, hanging out on Cronulla beach with the Greenhills gang, but there’s been a power shift. Sue has taken up surfing and Gary has become something of a leader. While he and Debbie are still going strong, Sue is still in want of a boyfriend, and Cheryl is in want of an abortion.

It’s all change for the parents too. Pam and Roger’s finances are in trouble when she accidentally maxes out their bankcard. Increasingly disenchanted with his new advertising job, Roger eventually disgraces himself and is fired. Meanwhile, things for Gary’s mum Yvonne are looking up. Now that Ferris has gone, she has taken a lover and feels free for the first time in her life.

But a misunderstanding threatens to change the fate of Debbie and Sue’s friendship forever.


  1. I was going to watch this but the constant promos for the last 2 months have put me off, and i hardly watch 10! They do it time & time again, the winter olympics were being advertised repeatedly back before christmas for gods sake! I reckon people make up their minds within a few weeks of promotion if they’re going to watch or not, i can’t see how trying to brain wash people into watching something is going to help. I decided not to watch the Biggest Loser for example, so advertising it 20 times in one night is not going to change my mind & only serves to annoy me & force me to pvr shows to skip thru the promos.

  2. OMG it’s finally happening!!!

    Channel 10 you are damn lucky this show is so darn good or I would have walked a long time ago. I swear the only tv shows I was really looking forward to lately were the Breaking Bad final series and this and you made me wait for 2 years.

    Think about that 10. Try and reward viewer loyalty next time instead of shoving crud like Wonderland at us instead. They are nowhere near the same calibre of show and you know it.

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