Sam Johnson ends amazing charity ride for breast cancer

sjohnCongratulations to actor Sam Johnson (Rush, The Secret Life of Us) after completing a 12 month unicycle ride around Australia to raise funds for Breast Cancer awareness.

Johnson has raised $1,477,630 and cycled an incredible 15,955 kilometres in 364 days while his sister Connie, 35, battles cancer for the third time.

Yesterday his World Record breaking ride ended at Federation Square in Melbourne. Amongst the throng there to greet him were actors Claudia Karvan and Guy Pearce.

Connie’s cancer is terminal with a life expectancy of 6-12 months. Despite being in pain she was there to greet him at the end of his cycle.

Sacrificing such precious time for the cause, makes Johnson’s efforts all the more remarkable.

You can learn more about his ride or donate at the Love Your Sister charity page


  1. An absolutely amazing achievement by Sam. I don’t think there would be a person in the country who would question for a second Channel 7 or any other channel writing a cheque for $2 million dollars to Love My Sister.

  2. That is awesome and im glad his sister was there to greet him. Well done Sam. That is a mighty effort.

    The thing is looking at Connie she doesnt look sick at all.

  3. Well done Sam! What hard work and he’s done it with such willingness and humour. A beautiful thing to do for his sister and she’s obviously been so thrilled that he’s done it. I hope they can have some more really happy times together now he’s completed his mission.

  4. Amazing effort by Sam. The bond between him and Connie is so sweet, and I am glad they will get to spend some more time together now. Both of them are very inspiring people.

    The Project and Today have been covering this ride for a while now. Does anyone know if Sunrise and other shows have been giving the Love Your Sister cause publicity as well?

  5. He had a little cameo in Neighbours a couple of weeks back too, as himself raising money on a unicycle. Nice way of bringing more awareness about it. Great that Claudia Karvan was at the finish line too! Loved TSLOU.

  6. I cannot believe 12 months have passed since he set out on his journey. To ride a bicycle around OZ is a feat all by itself, a unicycle however is incredible.
    The money raised has made it all worthwhile and the smile on his sister’s face shows what a brave young lady she obviously is.

    Well done and congratulations Sam.

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