Seven takes third night in a row

2014-02-12_1017The third day of the ratings year was rather uneventful, with Seven’s cook-off still well ahead of the pack. TEN’s Winter Olympics coverage providing e a viewing alternative, shared between TEN and ONE.

Seven network won the night with 30.3% share then Nine 26.9%, TEN 21.7%, ABC 17.8% and SBS 3.3%.

My Kitchen Rules was 1.79m for Seven then Seven News (1.05m / 1.02m), Home and Away (965,000), Winners and Losers (930,000) and Million Dollar Minute (378,000). Parenthood was 345,000 and Scandal was 131,000.

The Big Bang Theory (1.1m / 1.04m) and The Block (1.1m) led for Nine followed by Nine News (1.06m / 999,000), A Current Affair (888,000), 2 Broke Girls (567,000 / 392,000), and Hot Seat (551,000).

A single Winter Olympics event, the Women’s Ski Slope Final (774,000) topped TEN’s night then Sochi coverage (665,000 / 405,000), TEN Eyewitness News (594,000), and The Project (495,000 /356,000).

On ABC1 it was ABC News (836,000), New Tricks (723,000), 7:30 (635,000), Family Confidential (631,000), By Any Means (506,000) and Dream Build (388,000).

SBS struggled with Who Do You Think You Are? (135,000), World News Australia (127,000) and Extreme ER (103,000).

Sochi early evening (262,000) coverage on ONE  was best on multichannels.

The Morning Show: 167,000
Mornings: 91,000
Studio 10:  46,000 / 45,000

OzTAM Overnights: Tuesday 11 February 2014


  1. Thought Studio 10 would be higher but that’s still an ok figure for ten’s standards. Maybe 2mrw’s ratings might improve with Dolly parton on today. I have watched all 3 morning shows and I used to switch through 7 and 9 when ten didn’t have one but studio 10 has hooked me with great hosts and great content.

  2. 5PM news 6PM Chairle Carrie Peter with the project 7PM Brisbane Sydney Melbourne Adelaide Perth has there own version of the project. 730PM have SYTYCD biggest loser master chef

  3. Post Sochi, Ten should ‘seriously’ consider a new 6-7.30 lineup because what’s there is a complete flop.

    Maybe they should revisit a national, 6pm news bulletin that runs for half an hour? A good alternative to those who don’t want the hour long news from Nine and Seven. Presented by high profile presenters in the Sandry Sully and Mike Munro mould. Double header, fast paced, slick. Present the sport locally as that’s probably the biggest point of difference between the different cities.

    If they insist on persisting with the consistently under loved The Project, slice it back to half an hour and seriously consider calling it something a lot more authoritative. The brand is broken anyway, perhaps a rebadging wouldn’t hurt. If it continues to underperform, axe it and bring Neighbours back. Give viewers an alternative!

    And the no brainer of no brainers, move reality back…

  4. I think Studio 10 is just starting to steal an audience off Mornings. Given The Circle was axed averaging around 100k if Mornings sinks any lower I would not be surprised if it were given the boot.

  5. One has won over Eleven in its multichannels during Sochi 2014. If One can maintain its lead over Eleven in terms of shares and 5-cities, then they are going to win over Eleven strongly.

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