Tough night for public broadcasters

Ratings: Wednesday night proved to be another winner for Seven, at the expense of public broadcasters.

2014-01-16_2334Wednesday night proved to be another winner for Seven, at the expense of public broadcasters.

ABC and SBS saw modest shares for the night. TEN’s network share was aided by a good result on ONE of 6.4%.

Seven Network share was 33.1% then Nine 25.8%, TEN 22.2%, ABC 14.9% and SBS 4.0%.

My Kitchen Rules topped the night at 1.91m then Seven News (1.05m / 995,000), Home and Away (991,000), The Blacklist (909,000), Million Dollar Minute (449,000) and Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD (379,000).

Nine News (1.04m / 988,000) led for Nine then The Block (964,000), A Current Affair (829,000), David Blaine (674,000 / 414,000) and Hot Seat (562,000).

TEN Eyewitness News (679,000) was best for TEN followed by Sochi Winter Olympics (589,000 / 411,000), The Project (447,000 / 288,000) and The Biggest Loser (339,000).

On ABC1 it was ABC News (794,000) at the front then 7:30 (622,000), Mad as Hell (543,000), Spicks and Specks (442,000), The Moodys (379,000) and Adam Hills: The Last Leg (294,000).

Australia with Simon Reeve (187,000) led SBS ONE followed by One Born Every Minute (162,000) and World News Australia (115,000).

Neighbours led multichannels at 304,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 12 February 2014

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  1. Wow, I’m in the minority! It’s the first time I’ve watched live TV for ages & all I watched last night was ABC. I think the new Spicks & Specks team are doing really well, especially considering it was only the 2nd episode. Suzi Q was awesome of course, that old footage of her was great! Love The Moodys, so fun. The Last Leg was funny as always, even for someone like me who has no interest in sport! I find the docu/reality show Hard Time fascinating and well worth watching.

  2. @Pertinax Yeah for sure i see where your coming from, with everything getting later things get harder to watch live i remember 4ish years ago being able to watch a 9.30 show before bed at 10.30, good luck doing that these days

    I just thought with the right title it could lift no matter the night its on but thats obvs not the case

    1. But this is easier for me. Writing these every morning is a bit of a chore with all the numbers, formatting, at a time when I am catching up with overnight news stories, and sometimes when I am in a rush to get to appointment, interviews etc. Now 30 minutes later than 2013. You can always subscribe to OzTAM! 😉

  3. was channel 7 thinking that the blacklist would of done good on a wednesday channel 7 the blacklist is there top drama’s & there ruining it putting on wednesday’s they should leave it on mondays with revenge, also do you know when person of interest is back suppossed to be on tonight plus what about once upon time

  4. Overall disappointing numbers for dramas airing after MKR this week. Decent numbers yes, but a huge drop from the lead in. I would have expected 1.3m for The Blacklist last night considering the huge lead in. Perhaps the dramas dont share the same audience as MKR. Perhaps viewers would rather timeshift than wait until 9pm to start. Or perhaps the numbers are just reflecting year to year viewership declines.

  5. Was there this much debate (for example) when Glenn Ridge replaced Tony Barber??
    Despite the show having the same name and retaining most of the original format, the 3 ‘new’ people on Spicks and Specks aren’t replacing Adam Hills, Alan Brough and Myf Warhurst.
    I’ve seen no problem with the 2 episodes that have aired so far, there’s just a lot of people who ‘hate’ it because the original cast didn’t wish to continue. That’s not Josh, Ella or Adam’s fault.

  6. One gets the feeling that after MKR finishes on a Wednesday viewers start catching up on the stuff they have recorded.

    The Blacklist will rate worse later in the week that is will on Sunday and Mondays. It had dropped to 1m for the Anso Garrick episodes in December (affected by Summer).

    Revenge got 1.069m/834k on Monday so not much better. I would have thought The Blacklist would beat Revenge on Monday, but Revenge would do much worse on Wednesday.

  7. So no one suprised by the Blacklist numbers? I thought it would get at least a million.

    Like the messed around with Revenge in S2 and it still gets a million now

    Wonder if the show will ever recover

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