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Austrian-born Maximilian Schell, best known for the movie 'Judgment at Nuremberg' has died, aged 83.

2014-02-03_0152Austrian-born actor and director Maximilian Schell, best known for the movie ‘Judgment at Nuremberg‘ has died, aged 83.

Schell died at a hospital in Innsbruck following a “sudden and serious illness,” the Austrian Press Agency reported.

Schell made his Hollywood film debut The Young Lions with Marlon Brando in 1958 after he appeared in several German films in the 1950s such as Children, Mothers and a General, Ripening Youth, The Twentieth of July, and A Wonderful Summer.

His role as defense attorney Hans Rolfe in Stanley Kramer’s classic Judgment at Nuremberg, won him the 1961 Academy Award for best actor. Schell had first played Rolfe in a 1959 episode of the television program Playhouse 90.

Other TV roles included the Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse episode “Perilous” in 1959, his legendary Hamlet, The Thorn Birds: The Missing Years and Joan of Arc. He won Emmy nominations for “Child of Our Time” on Playhouse 90 in 1959 and the original TV production of Judgment at Nuremberg. He also drew Emmy nominations in 1992 and 1993 for Miss Rose White and for playing Lenin in the HBO telepic Stalin, and he had a recurring role on Wiseguy.

He also had 3 seasons on the ZDF series Der Fuerst und das Maedchen (The Prince and the Girl) between 2003 and 2007.

Other films included Five Finger Exercise, The Reluctant Saint, The Condemned of Altona, Counterpoint, The Desperate Ones, The Deadly Affair, Krakatoa: East of Java, Pope Joan, The Odessa File, The Man in the Glass Booth, Julia, A Bridge Too Far, The Black Hole, The Freshman, and Deep Impact.

Source: Variety

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