Auditions: Untold Stories of the ER

A US show is in search of people whose bizarre sexual mishaps have seen them wind up in hospital.

2014-03-06_1207The producers of US series Untold Stories of the ER are extending their casting net to international waters in search of real mishaps that have ended up in the emergency room.

Episodes such as Sex Sent Me To The ER involve interviews and re-enactments about bizarre sexual mishaps.

Do you have an outrageous story about a bizarre or hilarious medical mishap that sent you through the swinging doors of the emergency room?

We’re looking for fun, real-life coupes who are dating, married, or broken up.

There is compensation for cast stories. Selected couples may be flown to Los Angeles.

For more info, visit www.mysticartpictures.com or call (US) 0011 1 818 563 4131

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