Aussie zombies to take over Cannes

2014-03-15_0134An unproduced Australian reality show has been selected to be pitched to international TV execs at the MIPFormats International Pitch in Cannes next month.

Zombie Boot Camp will be presented to the global pitching event for original, non-scripted entertainment formats from around the world.

It is one of 5 finalists to be chosen to face international judges. Lisa Gray, Head of Content, The Feds, and Claire Marshall, Associate Producer – Development, The Feds will pitch their project live on Sunday 6 April in front of an international jury of formats experts: Nick Emmerson, CEO, Ricochet (UK), Taco Ketelaar, Senior Vice President, Prime Time, Entertainment Sat.1, ProsiebenSat.1 TV Deutschland (Germany), Sandra Kleinfeld, Director of Development, Studio & Unscripted Content, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Canada), Cathrine Wiernik, Head of Development & Format Acquisitions, TV4 (Sweden).

Zombie Boot Camp is a reality show that trains sixteen contestants for the fight of their lives – the ZombieApocalypse. Every episode contestants in two teams will compete in a survival challenge, testing their skills in everything from skull protection to improvised bullets. The winning team will be given immunity, the losing team must choose three contestants to face the Zombies. Two contestants will escape but the last to reach the escape hatch will be eaten. In the finale the final two will face 200 zombies including their old team members in the greatest zombie battle ever seen!

Other finalists are from Italy, Spain, Ireland and the UK.


  1. Not much of a ‘Reality’ show when there’s no actual undead and no risk of dying-just another physical task game show-‘It’s a Knockout’ with guns…

  2. That actually sounds like a reality show I’d watch! As a massive fan of The Walking Dead, Zombie Survival Guide and the World War Z novels (not the atrocious movie!) I seem to have a lot heated discussions with friends about our chances of survival. I’d probably last about 10 hours from the first person turning to me dying in the ZA given I have no survival skills, poor eyesight, frighten easily and would not really see the point in existing in a world without wifi anyway ;). This doesn’t stop me though from yelling suggestions at The Walking Dead characters like: stop wasting bullets and knife the Zeds instead (I’m talking to you Bob Stookey!): Rick should have been growing corn and potatoes not bloody cucumbers that will not be filling given their high water content and Maggie and Beth to stop racking off from Daryl, Bob and Sasha – safety in numbers guys! I finally watched Dead…

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