Bumped: American Idol, Glee, Hawaii Five-0.

There are a number of other changes as a result of So You Think You Can Dance moving.

2014-03-11_2237There are a number of other changes to TEN’s network schedule as a result of So You Think You Can Dance Australia moving.

Next week Hawaii Five-O moves from 8:30pm Friday to 9:30pm on TEN.
As Catherine’s seemingly harmless surveillance job takes a deadly turn, Adam considers making the ultimate sacrifice to save Kono.

There are also changes to ELEVEN to ensure American Idol does not clash with Dance. It moves to Fridays following Glee.

Thursdays from 20 March:
8.30pm – Rules of Engagement
9pm – Don’t Trust The B*tch in Apt 23
9.30pm – Movies

Fridays from 21 March:
7.30pm – Glee
8.30pm – American Idol Performances
10.30pm – American Idol Results


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  1. So now we cant even see American Idol ‘same day’ as the US because of SYTYCD!!!!
    Do they have a brain at Ten? This is not going to endear fans who would normally be happy to watch both.
    I have a suggestion that they move Idol onto Ten straight after SYTYCD at 9.30 to keep Idol ‘same day’.

  2. I hope there isn’t any viewers relying on paper TV Guides trying to find shows especially on the secondary channels. As they are some sort of nightmare usually because of the stupid way they’ve formatted them. It would make this hard to spot. I’d like to say I appreciate these kinds of heads up David even if it doesn’t affect me.

  3. @andrewb not sure how a week in advance is last minute? Other networks play around with the schedule at the last minute. Does Schapelle ring any bells? Originally Mon, then Sun, then Sun and Mon.

  4. Echoing the sentiments of regular commenters on the other post about bumping, a big thanks to David for alerting your readers about these changes. There are still some diehard Ten fans who try to juggle a life with their viewing and don’t enjoy playing catch me while you can from the network’s rejigging.

  5. Have to agree with comments re the standard of this year’s contestants being lower than past years. Also something not as good about the set, the triple split screen before they sing etc….

    Maybe time to bring back Simon Cowell????

  6. Exactly what Network TEN need – move around a number of shows at the last minute so even fewer people will watch them from not knowing when anything is on.

    Very annoyed about Idol – been great to have performance on Thursday hours after US and was a great ending to a great night of TV (Amazing Race then Survivor then Idol).

    At least Idol results are still on Friday night – so far…

  7. So then it is omitted from your listing on the 21st of March and appears between American idol performance and results? Seems odd to put it in the middle. That is the next week I am referring to.

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