Bumped: So You Think You Can Dance Australia

TEN relents and moves Dance from Sundays to Thursdays.

2014-03-11_1633TEN is moving So You Think You Can Dance Australia from Sundays to Thursday immediately, following disappointing ratings.

It will be replaced with a movie this Sunday night.

Instead it will screen at 7:30pm Thursday away from stronger competition. As a result Law and Order: SVU moves to 9pm. The Biggest Loser episode moves from Thursdays to Fridays.

While the move will see TEN more competitive later in the week it still has some under-performing shows earlier in the week that are likely to struggle.

Sunday, March 16
2014 Formula One Australian Grand Prix live and exclusive until 7.00pm
7.00pm: Have You Been Paying Attention?
7.30pm: Sunday Night Movie THOR
9.30pm: The Graham Norton Show (Guests Keira Knightly and Kenneth Branagh)

Monday, March 17
6.30pm: The Project
7.30pm: Modern Family (S5,Ep13)
8.00pm: Bondi Rescue (ep3)
8.30pm: Secrets and Lies (ep3)
9.30pm: Blue Bloods (S4,Ep1)

Tuesday, March 18
6.30pm: The Project
7.30pm: The Biggest Loser
8.30pm: NCIS (S11,Ep10)
9.30pm: NCIS: LA (S5,Ep12)

Wednesday, March 19
6.30pm: The Project
7.30pm: The Biggest Loser
8.30pm: Puberty Blues (S2,Ep3)
9.30pm: The Good Wife (S5,Ep5)

Thursday, March 20
6.30pm: The Project
7.30pm: So You Think You Can Dance (90 minute performance and elimination show)
9.00pm: Law & Order: SVU (S15,Ep13)
10.00pm: Law & Order: SVU (rpt)

Friday, March 21
6.30pm: The Project
7.30pm: The Living Room
8.30pm: The Biggest Loser
9.30pm: Hawaii 5-0 (S4,Ep8)

Saturday, March 22
6.30pm: David Attenborough Madagascar (Ep1)
7.30pm: Bondi Vet
8.30pm: Saturday Night Movie: Captain America

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  1. @atwit and David Knox. I think you are both right. My recollection was that it was Law and Order: Criminal Intent followed by NCIS. This article confirms this: theage.com.au/articles/2004/05/12/1084289728261.html?from=storyrhs

  2. TEN was the first commercial network to stop showing movies on Sunday nights 10 yrs ago (they replaced movies with Law and Order and the other networks followed). Now, they’ve come full circle and have gone back to showing movies again. I remembered Transformers rated OK a few weeks ago when TEN put it on during the weekend.

  3. Good move. The Bachelor couldn’t compete on Sundays when AGT and X Factor were there. By moving SYTYCDA to Thursdays, it gets away from MKR. It still won’t be a hit though, but could steadily increase it’s numbers.

    bh: No. We need three successful and profitable commercial TV Networks. We already have a duopoly in supermarkets. We don’t need another one in commercial TV.

  4. Really hope that SYTYCAD does well for 10 with its new move, as the channel is struggling at the moment it is up against some good shows on other channels at the same time, it would be a pity to see this go down and out. Hope that views will get behind the ailing channel, watch more programmes so that we don’t loose it forever and give the other channels more power.

  5. If ch10 cannot effectively compete on the highest viewing nights, when advertising revenue will be at their strongest, well then …….they can’t compete and are finished as a viable business proposition.

    In addition, 12 of those 28 timeslots detailed are overseas shows or movies which may have been already viewed both legitimately or by other means.This is a fundamental weakness

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