FOX bumps Rake remake to Fridays

2014-03-05_0135The “under-performing” US version of Rake, starring Greg Kinnear, is being moved from Thursdays to Fridays by FOX, to be replaced by Hell’s Kitchen.

The series hit a low of 0.8 in adults 18-49 last Thursday and just 3.5 million viewers.

Deadline reports the show “never connected with viewers. It got off to a soft start, logging a 1.7 in its Jan. 23 debut and wasn’t helped by the fact that it had to face three weeks of Olympics coverage two weeks into its run.”

Another stark reminder of just how hard it is to see Aussie series successfully adapt to the US market.

Netflix is set to screen the original series with Richard Roxburgh, which has also screened on DirecTV.

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  1. It also doesn’t help that they have started showing episodes out of order, but showed, what you had missed!

    Netflix i noticed have the episodes in order but when you get to R v Tanner the episode that is shown is episode 8, R v Corrella………..

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