FOX Footy renames After the Bounce

FOX Footy has renamed AFL show After The Bounce and scheduled it on a new night.

2014-03-12_0120FOX Footy has renamed AFL show After The Bounce and scheduled it on a new night.

Previously screening on Sunday nights, the newly-named The Bounce will now air on Wednesdays at 8.30pm following AFL 360 with Jason Dunstall, Danny Frawley, Alastair Lynch and Andrew Gaze.

Not to be confused with the Peter Helliar hosted show, The Bounce, which previously screened on Seven.

Bounce will continue to uniquely analyse the week’s footy news, including featuring iconic favourites the Golden Fist and Gazey’s Turn It Up. This year the boys have also come up with The World’s Richest Quiz for AFL Footballers – and they’re serious!

Wednesdays 8.30pm on FOX Footy.

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  1. Have to agree @Michael89 I have no idea other than being a Haw supporter what link Andrew Gaze has to footy. I’ve never really found him funny. He’s like the Billy Brownless of Fox Footy without the footy creds. I guess they’d never put Bounce (not The Bounce) on a Thursday night, so Wednesday is the next best.

    I’m curious to see what this ‘Ed & Derm Footy Show’ is going to be like. Derm takes some getting used to for mine…

  2. If they were going to move it the should of put it back on Friday nights and go back to calling it Before the Bounce. have it as the lead in to the Friday night Football pre game show. but the show has gone down hill since it moved to Sundays, and then lost the plot when they ditched Flem for Gaze

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