Free TV Australia woos Canberra

Network CEOs and television industry talent met at Parliament House to spruik free-to-air television to our pollies.

2014-03-27_0104Network CEOs and television industry talent assembled in the Great Hall at Parliament House Canberra last night, to remind politicians about free-to-air television.

Free TV Australia joined Freeview saw more than 300 colleagues across the industry, including ABC’s ever-popular Bananas in Pyjamas, join with politicians.

But the event was driven by key political messages from industry.

Free TV Chairman Harold Mitchell said: “Digital television is a great success. It is bringing all Australians, wherever they are, access to more great Australian programming for free.

“Our iconic television brands and the fantastic Australian programming they provide are the first choice for Australian viewers, even though we all have the world at our fingertips today.”

The event sought to remind politicians about increased competition in the evolving technological landscape.

“We are competing with other companies which are not subject to broadcasting regulations and in some cases pay virtually no tax in Australia, while Free TV networks’ regulations were set more than 20 years ago,” he said.

“The problem with excessive regulation is that every dollar we spend on red tape and licence fees is a dollar less we have to spend on making great Australian programs.

“We want to continue to deliver outstanding local content along with innovations such as FreeviewPlus, and the vast array of options it enables.

“We agree with the government that there should be less red tape so business can focus on what it does best.

“And in our case that means keeping the great Australian production engine going and delivering quality Australian programs to all Australians, wherever they are, for free.”

Subscription TV and the ABC have recently held separate events to showcase their talent and lobby Canberra over current issues.

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  1. And I just wanted to thank the Labor Party for giving us the new digital channels for nothing and without tender or public auction. Sad for taxpayers but great for us. And if only now we didn’t have to pay any licence fees at all and we could get the free to air spectrum for nothing well that would be really nice. But granted they do pay a reasonable amount of tax in Australia in stark contrast to Apple and Google.

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