Inside Story: Mar 12

This week Leila McKinnon looks at "Lethal Lovers" and two victims from very different backgrounds.

Inside StoryThis week on Inside Story, Leila McKinnon looks at “Lethal Lovers” and two victims from very different backgrounds.

This is a story about terrible betrayal and survival against incredible odds.

It’s the story of two men both from very different backgrounds.

Joe Rix is a farmer, a knockabout kind of bloke. Chris Soteriou is a millionaire businessman, used to the good life.

But there were some striking similarities. They were devoted fathers, loving husbands, and in both case, someone wanted them dead.

Someone very close to home.

8:45pm Wednesday on Nine.

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  1. I’m loving Inside Story wish it was on at 8:30. Thank god Nine has the balls to make some factual programs in-house for viewers who need a breather from that awful reality TV that pollutes every channel between dinner and a brushing your teeth.

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