Janet King: Mar 13

2014-03-12_0139This week on Janet King Owen (Damian Walshe-Howling) pushes for a conviction and Dianne Vasilich (Deborah Kennedy) finds herself heavily implicated in the case involving  Police Assistant Commissioner (John Howard).

In the wake of the drive-by shooting of Zebina Petrakis (Maia Thomas), Erin (Ella Scott Lynch) finds herself emerging as a key witness in the case against the two bikies who committed the murder.

Erin deeply affected by the shooting, she is not sure it is safe to give evidence. Owen (Damian Walshe-Howling) is keen to land the high profile brief as, with Erin’s eyewitness evidence and a confession from one of the shooters, the prospect of a conviction is good.

Whilst initially concerned about the weakness of the prosecution case against Dianne Vasilich (Deborah Kennedy), Janet’s opinion alters radically when forensics discover traces of Blakely’s blood in Dianne’s pocket.

8:30pm Thursday ABC1.


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