Jason Dundas to host The Big Adventure

2014-03-31_1137Getaway presenter Jason Dundas will host Seven’s upcoming reality-adventure series The Big Adventure.

The series, which sees ‘contestants compete in extreme conditions to win the prize of a lifetime’  (sounds like last night’s episode of The Block). Audition information last year revealed 12 people would “Walk in with a dream. Walk out with a fortune.”

For the last three years Dundas has been based in New York, co-hosting Vh1’s Big Morning Buzz Live from Times Square.

“The second I heard about the concept for The Big Adventure I was hooked! This show taps into the heart of what I believe makes us all Australian, our passion for adventure. After hosting 400 episodes of morning tv in New York, I’m really excited for my next big adventure; to return home and front one of Australia’s most exciting new tv shows. And to change someone’s life forever!”

The series is an original Seven Productions concept, from the makers My Kitchen Rules and House Rules.

It will go into production later this year.


  1. Great news. I love that Channel 7 keeps investing in new Aussie formats. I wonder who the brains is behind their recent bout of successful reality shows?

  2. Some people just want to be negative, don’t they? This show sounds like it will be interesting and I am looking forward to hearing more about it. And the host looks like a deadset hotty. #winner

  3. Ok so The Mole… Fail, Australian Survivor hosted by Dicko… Fail, Amazing Race Australia… Shifted to Seven2… Fail .. Who is the genius that came up with this ‘original seven format’

    • Wow. Why did you single out unrelated failures rather than hits? Especially given the story indicates the other shows actually made by the same creatives. Last I looked MKR was a big fat hit. Also Amazing Race Australia never went to 7TWO, it won an International Emmy. Surely it’s better to wait for the show before writing it off?

  4. Really? surely this is scraping the bottom of the barrel. Still waiting for the reality show where we follow Garbos on their morning run.

  5. The Amazing Race crossed with Survrivor with a Getaway presenter. Another ‘original’ Seven Production. Haha. Sorry but none of their shows are original.

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