Kym Valentine returns to Neighbours in guest role

2014-03-11_1013Actress Kym Valentine is returning to Neighbours for a three week guest appearance, to celebrate 20 years of the Kennedys in Ramsay Street.

Valentine played Libby Kennedy from 1992 – 2011, daughter of Karl and Susan Kennedy. Actors Alan Fletcher and Jackie Woodburne chalk up their 20th anniversary on the soap this year and writers are reintroducing former characters to celebrate their achievement.

Benji McNair, who played son Malcolm Kennedy has also been secured, but no word yet on Jesse Spencer, who played Billy Kennedy. Also returning are Matt Werkmeister as Zeke Kinski and Lucinda Armstrong-Hall as Holly Hoyland.

Joining Kym Valentine will be actor Felix Mallard who plays Libby’s son, Ben.

“I’m really looking forward to catching up with old friends at Neighbours as well as getting to know many of the new cast. Playing Libby was a very important part of my life and I can’t wait to re-introduce audiences to her,” said Valentine.

“It’s wonderful to have Kym back for this milestone year for Alan and I, and we’re just lucky the Kennedy’s have that wing of bedrooms that we don’t see to accommodate everyone,” said Jackie Woodburne.

Neighbours’ Series Producer, Jason Herbison added, “Our script team have been very excited to introduce characters of historical significance in to our current cast and storylines. Last year we saw the introduction the Willis and Turner families with a nod to characters of the early 90’s.”

The return by Valentine follows her much-publicised exit and subsequent legal case against producers FremantleMedia Australia.

An FMA spokesperson told TV Tonight, “We had a difference of opinion in relation to Kym’s engagement which has now been amicably resolved. We are all looking forward to Libby Kennedy’s return to Ramsay St in a special guest appearance.”

She begins filming today.


  1. Great about all the returnees. Although I wish that they would replace the girl playing Karl & Izzys daughter, instead of bringing the same actress back. Loving Jessie Spencer in Chicago Fire, would it be really possible for him to return? How about Brooke Satchwell too.

  2. Gota love that neighbours press release, always so accurate. In an article Mentioning that the Kennidys are celebrating 20 years, they say that Libby Kennidy has been in the show since 1992. Doh, no she started in 1994 with all the other Kennidys. Gosh I wish i had that job.

  3. Please make her a regular character again! Neighbours is a guilty pleasure of mine so its great to see the return of characters like Brennan, Rebecca and soon Zeke, Sophie and Libby.

  4. Yay! About time. Neighbours hasn’t been the same without Libby. It would be great if Libby and Malcolm return at the same time.

    Jesse could film a video message in the US like he did for the 20th anniversary episode.

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