Mike Willesee (finally) leaves Bali

willMike Willesee and a Sunday Night crew left Bali during the week, giving up on a lengthy pursuit of an interview with Schapelle Corby.

“After the interview with Mercedes, they packed up their bags and left and they’re off doing other things,” exec producer Mark Llewellyn told The Australian.

The ‘Corby curse’ led to a public backlash against Seven’s plans to interview Corby, an AFP raid, and Indonesian authorities threatening to end her parole. There were also suggestions of suicide threats by Corby.

Mercedes Corby was forced to apologise for her interview with Sunday Night last week.

During his stay Willesee even turned media spokesperson for Corby.

“Hopefully when Schapelle is able to do an interview, well be the ones to do it,” said Llewellyn.

“In the meantime, it’s not my ambition or aim to stir the pot because there’s no point to that.”

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  1. SouthCoastSaint

    Mike Willesee used to be the face of credible reporting. It’s all been downhill since that ACA episode. There’s journalism in the pursuit of public interest, and journalism in the pursuit of ratings. The public is not interested and the ratings show this.

  2. once-upon-a-time

    ” Hopefully when Schapelle is able to do an interview, we’ll be the ones to do it”

    Is this Network Seven at its nastiest worst?.

    And is this ‘ Llewellyn speak’ for ‘and in the meantime we have made bloody sure that no one else will be able to get this elusive interview either, even if we had to put Schapelle’s liberty/parole at risk in doing so’.

    Sort of completely puts to shame the Corby Clan’s reputation of being scheming manipulators, when the experts show them how it’s done.

    Almost as shocking, has been the absolute blatant indifference with seemingly not one iota of guilt by manipulation or any admission of complicity when Network Seven have been reporting on just how close Schapelle came to be returned to prison, almost entirely because of Seven’s actions.

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