Million Dollar Minute winner pockets $300,000

A Million Dollar Minute winner may well have set a new record for cash winnings on an afternoon quiz show.

2014-03-04_2346Million Dollar Minute has its first mega-winner after Victorian Brydon Coverdale won more than $300,000 on the Seven quiz show yesterday.

His prize of $307,000 may well be a record for the biggest cash win in an afternoon quiz show on Australian television.

Whilst other shows such as Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Big Brother and Minute to Win It have handed out bigger cash prizes, none have been afternoon shows. The Price is Right winners have also amounted to more, but understood to be a mix of showcases and cash. Nine’s Hot Seat and Deal or No Deal have not surpassed a $250,000 cash prize.

Coverdale won with a fifth and deciding question by host Simon Reeve: “On what part of the body do you wear espadrilles?”

With just two seconds left on the clock the cricket reporter from Essendon correctly answered “feet” and claimed the cash. Although he was just two steps away from playing for the million dollars, he elected to leave the show.

“I really did not know the answer so I went with my gut feeling,” Coverdale, 32, said.

“I am just starting out in married life and this is a life-changing amount of money. I hope to start a family and this is going to help set us up.

“My wife Zoe is going to be speechless…I think I owe it to her to take her on a second honeymoon – a luxury tropical holiday.

“Zoe has had to be very patient with me… In preparation for going on the show I have spent most of my time studying encyclopedias, and building floor to ceiling shelves to accommodate my ever growing book collection,” he said.

Million Dollar Minute airs weekdays at 5.30pm on Seven.

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  1. I think you will find that incorrect Rutzie, they’ve done a little better than that. I’m pretty sure they would do even better if not up against Hot Seat though. Theres probably a few quiz fans who’d like to watch both but not hardcore enough to record one & watch the other so why put it up against another quiz show. They should swap with Deal which could then be news lead in too.

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