Monday ratings lift

2014-03-11_0954Long weekends in TV land usually mean softer Sundays and a bump on Mondays as we settle in for the working week.

Yesterday was a public holiday in Melbourne, still home to television’s biggest audience, so there were lifts for a couple of extra shows such as Australian Story, TEN Eyewitness News and even Neighbours.

But not everybody got the lift where they needed it the most.

Seven network won the night with a share of 32.1% then Nine 31.6%, ABC 19.2%, TEN 13.8% and SBS 3.3%.

My Kitchen Rules was #1 with 1.73m viewers then Seven News (1.21m / 1.1m), Home and Away (972,000), Revenge (806,000), Million Dollar Minute (478,000) and How I Met Your Mother (398,000 / 214,000).

The Block (1.28m) was best on Nine then Nine News (1.24m / 1.2m), Love Child (1.16m), A Current Affair (1.09m), Hot Seat (645,000). Footy Classified was 310,000 in 3 cities.

Australian Story (896,000) did well for ABC1 then ABC News (863,000), 7:30 (853,000), Four Corners (805,000), Media Watch (741,000) and Q & A (593,000).

TEN Eyewitness News scored a decent 688,000 followed by The Project (588,000 / 370,000 6:30pm), Modern Family (517,000), The Bold and the Beautiful (451,000), Bondi Rescue (451,000) but Secrets and Lies was 366,000 with new viewers struggling to now jump into its mystery set-up. Modern Family at 6pm was 241,000 and Blue Bloods was 233,000.

It was tough times at SBS with World News Australia on 160,000, Stephen Hawking’s Future Universe (149,000), Housos (138,000) and Idris Elba: King of Speed (93,000).

Neighbours topped multichannels at 330,000.

The Morning Show: 175,000
Mornings: 129,000
Studio 10: 49,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 10 March 2014


  1. Secret Squirrel

    @andrewb – it’s a little simplistic to add in the viewer numbers for repeats unless you’re trying to create a headline to get more people to watch the program. Advertisers (remember, that’s who the ratings are really for) don’t care about the audience watching repeats, second repeats, etc unless they also bought airtime during those repeats. Much better to have 700k see your 30 sec ad at once rather than having to buy two or three spots to achieve the same numbers.

  2. I enjoyed Secret and Lies the first week. Thought Last nights episode was even better and next weeks looks fantastic……

    Very sad it only is rating in the 300’s….It is some of the best Aussie drama I have ever seen. And to think It is rating about the same as Wonderland is just crazy!

  3. @andrewb – For 10 at this stage that might be a better way to look at things. I’d be interested to see Live+7 ratings for Australia particularly for 10, as execs sometimes use those numbers in the US as reference points to renew shows. The latest Live+7 ratings out of the US had the recently renewed The Following that on overnights had a very anaemic (for a 9pm show) 1.7, almost double their audience to 3.1.

    • Nate I have been publishing +7 data for more than a year, for the very reasons you mention. Hover your mouse over Ratings in the menu. But it doesn’t get away from our fascination with Overnights every morning.

  4. A promo on 7mate spoiled the result on MKR again last night. I was flicking through channels in the ad break and there was “Mr and Mrs Cheese…” Yeah, thanks jerks.

  5. @ryan – Agree with you about the main character in Secrets and Lies.

    Am not warming to him at all – they could have gotten someone so much better to play that character…

  6. Secrets & Lies – maybe we all need to obsess a little less about overnight ratings – first episode of Secrets & Lies was just over 400,000 in overnight, but then picked up 300,000 in combined ratings of encores, 90,000 in timeshift and over 210,000 on TENplay – that’s a million overall. Even if you exclude the chances that some people watched it twice, still a great result.

    This is how Foxtel view ratings – as an overall “reach” figure rather than just overnights. If you look at Pay TV overnights, their figures are very low – 100,000 for a high rating show (well, not including sport here) but the “reach” of a show can be many times that.

    Maybe this is as idea TEN could look at – “reaching” more viewers over multiple timeslots and channels rather than just caring about overnights.

  7. @ mj – Watched the first ep of Secrets and Lies. Didn’t grab me. I won’t bother going into all the details of why but I didn’t think it was up to scratch. Glad there are people enjoying it but personally I feel that some of the online bits I looked at really should have been in the show as they were the bits that interested me the most.

  8. I feel for those viewers who are missing out on Secrets and Lies, it’s first class Aussie drama and deserves a much bigger audience.

    Don’t people have working remotes? Is the brand so damaged that they won’t even switch over to Ten?

  9. The Morning Show didn’t start until about 10:10am yesterday morning (because of extended Sunrise), so I presume it’s figure includes the Sunrise overrun

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