1. Channel TEN is going to get worse. I think that the Wake Up breakfast show will be gone before the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow start in July.

  2. When NCIS gets 500k you know something is wrong with the network. This used to be the show TEN could rely on to give them decent ratings now its in the same boat as every other show on the network. IMO viewers have deserted the network in droves and it could take years to get those viewers to return or worse yet the network could fold (which i think would be bad for the industry here). Plus when SBS beats you, surely alarm bells must be ringing. If not then the idiots at TEN deserve to be where they are.

    MKR was interesting last night but it doesn’t have the same feeling about it during these rounds. I still love it though.

  3. I never watched brekfast TV because when at school was not allowed to watch on school night. I work now and still don’t watch brekfast TV. I only watch TV from 5PM till I go to bed. So I never seen sunrise or today but what I read I’m not missing much.

  4. Aussiecam58

    Wake up should have been a light hearted show ie no news. Most main channels seem to be news based these days. Take a look at them and apart from a few hours in the day and a few more at night they could easily be renamed news 24/7. Ten needs a show whereby news is not its core ingredient. I would turn it into a music & chat show and mix news into it but only short news bulletins and not the same headlines every half hour. Similar to the loop but more variety and some chat.

    As to The Project l feel that goes to long and has to many presenters. Change that to a 6pm 30min show and then launch major shows like Masterchef at 6.30pm. This will give them the jump on the others.

  5. @andrewb
    A week on TBL is actually more like 21 days. It’s shot over a longer time and edited down to make it more dramatic.

    If you are exercising you are putting on weight as muscle, as well a losing fat. People can’t safely lose more than 2kg/wk. 1-1.5 kg is usually recommended unless there is some urgent medical reason for rapid weight loss that out weights the risks.

  6. This week hasn’t been a good one for wake up and it’s understandable. Both the other shows had live presenters on the red carpet at the oscars and Sunrise will have two musical guests. But if people aren’t watching anything else on Ten no matter how good those two programs may be can we really expect them to watch wake up and studio ten?

  7. jezza the first original one

    I think Wake Up has had a fair go, time to dump it completely, it was a pointless exercise. The people behind it have quite rightly ‘left the building’….very poor… Ch10 would be better off targeting the teen/preteen market as parents would use it as the electronic babysitter while they get themselves ready. Not sure on the rules for advertising though or how lucrative it would be. It could be hosted though

  8. Yes, MKR’s ratings go down when it reverts to being a clone of Masterchef, but I bet Channel 10 would give anything to have an audience of 1.67 million in that timeslot.

  9. Surely Ten will not do another series of TBL in 2015? The concept has had its day, I think viewers are over watching obese people losing weight or being put through ridiculous physical challenges.
    At least the show requires an overhaul of its group of trainers – Shannon, Michelle and Commando have been there too long….and Hayley Lewis is a woeful host.

  10. The biggest problem I am finding with Biggest Loser this year is the weekly weight losses seem very low compared to other seasons – 2-3 kg in a week off 110kg? With all the work they do?

    I’ve done more than that in the past by simply walking an hour a day and changing diet!

    It also – being based on one community really doesn’t seem to have the usual appeal…

    Would love to know how it rates in Ararat though!

  11. I think SBS had beaten other networks with Go Back To Where You Came From, and soccer matches before?

    Agree on Wake Up’s problems – why did they think making a carbon copy of Sunrise and Today with a smaller budget would draw viewers away from a crowded market? It’s not like more people are going to start watching TV at 7am so the only viewers they were ever going to get are those who already watch the more established shows. They had a chance to do something different but chose not to and surprise surprise it hasnt worked.

    I do hope Studio 10 survives as I think it is excellent apart from those dreadful infomercials.

  12. David, is this history? The first a commercial network has finished in 5th place in a primetime slot?

    Given you have your ear to the tv ground so to speak, what’s the word on Wake Up? The ratings have been dismal since day 1 and it’s seem to be doing even worse of late, if that were possible. How long does 10 persevere with something that is obviously not working – or not “cutting through” and with hosts who are not “printing?”

    Surely something’s gotta give? The axe at Easter maybe? Given the people who signed off on it and “created” it are gone, there’s no executives around to lose face so it’s an easy decision, yes?

  13. I would expect Sunrise to hit 400k on Thursday for Katy Perry’s performance.

    MKR was dull as dishwater last night – two of the most boring teams competing against each other. It really lags after the instant restaurant rounds.

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