New docos funded at ABC, SBS.

2014-03-17_1251Screen Australia is funding $995,000 in three documentary projects for the ABC and SBS.

They include Blown Away, a documentary for the ABC which explores the myths and reveals new perspectives on Cyclone Tracy, 40 years after the event. It will be produced by Rachel Clements and James Bradley and written/directed by Danielle MacLean.

Inside The Inferno: The Science of Bushfires is a co-production between SBS and BBC that observes the effects and severity of Australian bushfires and asks if Australia is yet to experience the worst bushfire season. The two-part documentary is by executive producer/writer Simon Nasht, producers Marcus Gillezeau and Ellenor Cox, and director Max Bourke.

In Lest We Forget a young woman investigates Australia’s remembrance and forgetting of World War I. It is produced by Dylan Blowen and produced/directed/written by Rachel Landers for the ABC.

Screen Australia’s CEO, Graeme Mason, said, “As affirmed at the Australian International Documentary Conference last week, our role is to support documentary-makers to tell stories that resonate with audiences and that can form part of Australia’s storytelling legacy. The three projects funded this week are stories that matter and stories that should be shared.”

Blown Away
57 mins
Brindle Films Pty Ltd and Nirvana Films Pty Ltd
Producers Rachel Clements, James Bradley
Writer/Director Danielle MacLean
Broadcaster ABC
Synopsis The untold story of Cyclone Tracy 40 years on, exploring the myths and revealing new perspectives on one of the worst natural disasters in Australia’s history.

Inside The Inferno: The Science of Bushfires
2 x 52 mins
Smith&Nasht (co-production by Dragon Fly)
Producers Marcus Gillezeau, Ellenor Cox
Executive Producer/Writer Simon Nasht
Director Max Bourke
Broadcasters SBS and BBC
Sales Shine International
Synopsis To live in Australia is to experience bushfire. As our population grows and as the effects of climate change are felt, will Australia experience its worst bushfire season yet?

Lest We Forget
57 mins
Pony Films Pty Ltd
Producers Dylan Blowen, Rachel Landers
Writer/Director Rachel Landers
Broadcaster ABC
Synopsis Lest We Forget is a young woman’s exploration of Australia’s remembrance and forgetting of World War I.

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  1. Looks really interesting.

    On the bushfire one lets just say I live in a bushfire zone and they turned the town siren off. Also they’ve moved thousands of people to the area before and after Black Saturday 2009. Mainly from the city and foreign countries. They complained about the siren hence it being turned off. Because they would rather be asleep than woken up so they could look up the supposed internet. The roads aren’t designed for the new population. So even if the internet worked good luck with evacuations.

    Plus the mobile phone services are a joke. The siren is the reliable technology. Especially as I don’t get how the internet wakes people up. Nor phones that don’t work especially answering machines that rely on mains power that is off.

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