Nine jettisons Mayday Mayday telemovie

2014-02-14_1159Drama telemovie Mayday Mayday: The Story of Flight QF32 announced at Nine’s 2014 Upfronts, is no longer proceeding with at the network.

A Nine spokesperson told TV Tonight Screentime had been unable to secure some of its funding.

Mayday Mayday The Story of Flight QF32

On 4 November 2010, what began as a routine long-haul flight from Singapore to Sydney came within a knife edge of being one of the world’s worst air disasters.

Mayday Mayday – The Story of QF32 follows the gripping stories of the pilots, passengers, cabin crew and ground crew as they battled against overwhelming odds to save the crippled airliner with 469 people on board.

Produced by Screentime, a Banijay Group company, for the Nine Network.

Nine recently aired a documentary Mayday Mayday: Terror on QF32 against part two of Seven’s INXS miniseries.

This Sunday Nat Geo screens an Air Crash Investigation episode on the same incident at 8:30pm.


  1. I don’t agree ‘nothing happened’ on the flight to warrant a TV movie but there has been so many specials already I don’t think a TV movie is needed just yet.

    MH370 will make a better movie (if they ever find the plane) or maybe they could do a TV special of what happened before the plane vanished.

    I just hope they find it soon to give closure to all those involved.

  2. Always wondered why it included Mayday in the title, as one was never declared. The flight crew issued a Pan-Pan instead, which is a step below a Mayday.

    @J Bar and Pertinax, it wasn’t just an engine failure, and it does warrant dramatization, as shown by the Air Crash Investigation episode. It was a significant air incident that had ramifications for A380’s and Rolls Royce at the time. It was an uncontained engine failure, which is extremely rare. As a result there were cascading system failures on the aircraft, with over 50 alarms going off in the cockpit one after the other. There were still serious issues when the plane finally landed, including not being able to turn one of the engines off. Some also say that if there hadn’t of been 2 check pilots on board that there may of been a different outcome.

  3. With the documentary and MH370 I’m guess Nine, and investors, figured it had now wings.

    Basically QF32 just lost an engine and landed safely.

  4. Aussie_Austridge

    Good timing. Wouldn’t have been a good look to announce that they were going ahead with the show while the Malaysian plane remains missing.

  5. I am sure if the telemovie had have gone ahead, channel 9 would have found something insignificant to dramatize the event as with most of there productions.

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