Oops. Family Guy episode crashes airliner

2014-03-21_1133“As if the world wasn’t scary enough, it seems you can’t even get on a plane safely these days,” said an animated newsreader on an episode of Family Guy this week.

While it’s a big ask for broadcasters to be across the synopsis of every rerun, Tuesday night’s Family Guy was actually a first-run episode.

Being a comedy the show even went on to simulate what might have happened if the plane had crashed into a school.  Eek.

First rule of comedy is always….. timing.




  1. People should take this lightly.It’s a sitcom and meant to make people laugh.If anything that is in poor taste at the present time It’s those Air Crash shows.

  2. i agree with aesthetic, there are shows on about murder all the time, how do you think the families of murder victims feel about that? I imagine they would avoid watching such shows so if people are feeling sensitive about any issues why on earth would they watch a show like Family Guy knowing that the humour is usually offensive in general.

  3. I don’t think we need to be wrapped in cotton wool as a population but if there was a warning at the start if the show then those who may get upset or are outraged would be warned

  4. This episode isn’t actually first run. It’s been on a number of times before if it is the one I’m thinking if when the plane crashes into the school of bunnies and the guy goes home to beat his wife.

  5. Aussie_Austridge

    TV and radio stations often make decisions to pull programs and songs due to news events. I remember that following the mass shooting in Melbourne in 1987 the TEN network pulled Rambo – First Blood Part 2 from the schedule, and during the Gulf War in 1990 the BBC drew up a list of banned songs. Even today I have heard that radio stations in this country have banned the playing of songs by Gary Glitter and Rolf Harris. Certainly last Christmas was the first in my lifetime I didn’t hear Six White Boomers on the radio.

  6. Yawn. I guess next they will have to check for any shows containing murder, car crashes or rape in case someone who has suffered a similar experience recently gets upset or offended by it? I don’t agree with cancelling or the rescheduling of programmes just because it relates to a current real life situation which almost every show very nearly will do.

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