1. I’m astounded that NCIS fell so low. An all time. The episodes with Gibbs missus never rate well anyway so it was poor timing I feel. Resserection was the draw card I suspect. Seemed off to me as people have been saying about the boy not reacting to his surroundings. He didn’t seem to notice his parents had aged either. Hoping the Channel 10 Play will pick up a lot more ratings for NCIS. I guess fans are missing “Ziva”. They are raving and ranting in the USA about the character but to no avail, NCIS still tops number 1 every week despite a drop in their ratings. I hope Australian fans are watching and judging the new character for themsleves and not listening to bitter, childish, ‘but she’s not Ziva’ complaints about the ‘Bishop’ character. Its a bit more old school right now and the stories are still good. The rest of the cast are just as great as before. I hope it doesn’t…

  2. @officially K, very good point you make. There may well be a reason for Jacob’s complete lack of surprise at mobile technology, given he supposedly died 20-odd years before it became commonplace. I just thought it was a weak device, it would have been more believable if he spoke it or wrote it down on a piece of paper. Nit picking, I know.

  3. @The moops ,
    I understand your reasoning regarding the directing and the ‘crappiness’ of resurrection but maybe there is a resson why jacob didn’t act like her was from the 80’s, I mean even someone who isn’t educated would know that is one is to make a movie about time travel or something the character has to learn to adapt to their environments , but Jacob seemed to be familiarwith everything, the phone, the cars ,everything , even though it was different 30 years ago,
    Perhaps there’s a reason for all that, I don’t know, just thought I’d point that out,
    In other news, I don’t think the biggest loser is a bad production, along with the likes of puberty blues and secrets and lies, they are all on the wrong channel ,

  4. Regarding Buggest Loser….It has just become boring. I still record it and can watch the whole thing within 20 minutes after all the fast forwarding. This year i feel none of the contestant are likeable or have any charm, they are as boring as batshit….and given the same cliche lines to rattle of as every other year..”I might be going home this week”

  5. I chose to not watch it despite being intrigued by the promos. Your review stopped me tuning in. A good thing too…I have too many other shows building up on my PVR!

  6. I saw the ads and trailers for Resurrection and they were some of the best promos I’d ever seen. Hopefully the producers of the show will be able to keep up the standard.

  7. I was amazed at how terrible Resurrection was. Obviously, they showed the stand-out bits on the promo, as the show was wooden, the direction was stilted and herky-jerky, had hopelessly dreadful dialogue and looked cheap. Given that he died in 1982, I was also amazed when Jacob expressed absolutely no surprise or curiousity at the agent’s mobile phone and was, in fact, able to immediately find the app that enabled him to handwrite the town he was from on the screen. Huh????? My credulity was further stretched to oblivion when he was kept in hospital for observation overnight and he was not put in a hospital gown as all hospital patients have to wear, but was put to bed in his sloppy Joe and jeans. Double huh??????? It is not a quality production, numbers will drop to pre 1M within a month or so.

  8. I watched a bit of Resurrection, didn’t like the style much at all. There wasn’t much else on and there hasn’t been anything new on for a few weeks so it not surprising the audience was looking for something different.

    The NCIS episode was dreadfully written, every episode seems to be a bottle episode these days to cover for the high star cost. This was a joyful Christmas episode about dying children full of lame rants and a bacterial infection that they couldn’t identify, gee perhaps the CDC should have been running things not the Navy’s Cops.

    The TBBT’s entire episode had one one joke about James Earle Jones and the rest was all filler and not funny at all.

    The ABC only had on a repeat of New Tricks that’s been on recently.

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