Returning: Him and Her

2014-03-02_2354British comedy Him & Her returns for another series on SBS 2 with loved-up couple Steve and Becky played by Russell Tovey and rising star Sarah Solemani.

Steve and Becky are happy to spend their days achieving nothing, except for watching DVDs and constantly teasing each other. But people are always there to interrupt them, be it Dan – the lonely bloke from upstairs, or Laura and Paul – Becky’s ditzy sister and her amoral fiancé. Him & Her is an anti-romantic comedy which lifts the lid on love as it really is, revealing the hilarious and often shocking truth of what really goes on behind the bedroom doors of today’s 20-somethings.

In this new series, Steve is ready to take the relationship to the next level – he wants to ask Becky to marry him. The only problem is finding the right time. With everyone except Becky discovering the ring. Elsewhere Paul and Laura look forward to the arrival of their baby, Laura’s friend Shelly starts a secret affair with Dan from upstairs and Paul discovers he has a long lost younger brother, Ian.

Episode One: The Ring
Becky’s got a hangover. Steve hides a special surprise from her as they both avoid going to the park with Laura and Paul.

Sunday, 9 March at 10.00pm on SBS 2.


  1. @ christa

    Where are you? Because SBS changed frequencies in Melbourne. I also believe it is changing frequencies in different parts of the country at different times. That said when they were in the process of changing in Melbourne they transmitted on a frequency one of my antennas couldn’t quite pick up. No matter how many times I scanned it. Luckily the new frequency is the old Ch 7 analogue so when the changeover occurred: it worked.

    I know in Sydney the changeover will be March 18. I’m not sure the rest of the country. The SBS internet site might tell you. Sorry this is a long winded way of saying the equipment you use might need to be re-scanned. There’s no guarantee it’ll work however especially if it is transitioning.

  2. They’ve been holding this back a while then – another series has aired since this one. Highly recommend it though – one of the best UK comedies of the last few years.

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