Returning: The Roast

ABC2 news comedy show returns from Mondays, following Jimmy Fallon.

2014-03-24_1508ABC2 news comedy show The Roast returns from Monday at the new time of 8:15pm, following The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.

This season the cast of Tom Glasson Mark Humphries, Clarke Richards, Jazz Twemlow, Nich Richardson is joined by ABC News 24’s Alex Lee.

“The holy grail of Australian television is to produce a daily news comedy show,” said Acting Head of Entertainment Sophia Zachariou. “The Roast is the closest thing we have to The Daily Show in Australia. It provides a daily dose of news and current affairs that keeps Gen-Y at least somewhat informed about the world around them.

“Of course, this will actually be its third season on ABC2, but I only just found out it existed,” she admitted.

The Roast also has a showrunner, Nich Richardson, given full creative responsibility to deliver the show.

“It’s an American model of production, which enables us to deliver the grueling daily schedule,” he said.

Executive Producer Charles Firth said The Roast promised to be “bigger than The Chaser, but with less litigation against it.”

8.15pm weeknights on ABC2 from March 31.

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  1. It’s going to clash with Micallef on a Wednesday. Poor programming decision clashing comedy news genre. Sure there’s iView but I like my Glasson and Micallef “live”

  2. I like it. It means if people want they can watch the News and the former The 7.30 Report on the main channel. Plus watch this too. Also it fills a hole. I don’t know if others will like it too.

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