So which is your all-time, favourite Simpsons episode?

ELEVEN wants to hear which Simpsons episode you love the most -so here is my vote.

2014-03-25_1039ELEVEN wants to hear about your favourite Simpsons episode of all time, as it celebrates their 25th anniversary.

Mine is probably “Dog of Death” the one where Homer tries to win the lottery and the family struggles to fund a much-needed operation for Santa’s Little Helper:

” If you were seventeen, we’d be rich! But nooooooooooo… You had to be ten.”

“I want to tell you about the most wonderful place in the world: Doggie heaven. In doggie heaven, there are mountains of bones, and you can’t turn around without sniffing another dog’s butt!”
“Is there a doggie hell?”
“Well… Of course, there couldn’t be a heaven if there weren’t a hell.”
“Who’s in there?”
“Oh, uh… Hitler’s dog… and that dog Nixon had, what’s his name um, Chester…”
” Checkers.”
“Yeah! One of the Lassies is in there, too. The mean one! The one that mauled Jimmy!”

“And pork chop night… will now be chub night.”
“Marge, I’ve figured out an alternative to giving up my beer. Basically, we become a family of travelling acrobats!”

“That was his dish… And that was his leash… And that’s where he took a wizz on the rug…”

On Wednesday, April 9, ELEVEN will devote the night’s Animation Fixation line-up to the winning episodes in a live countdown. Hosted by Couch Time’s Labby and Stav, the special will feature The Simpsons’ best moments as the hosts interact with fans via social media using the hashtag #Simpsons25.

The Simpsons is the longest-running scripted series in the history of television. It is the world’s most-watched US series, airing every hour of the day somewhere in the world.

For the next two weeks, fans of The Simpsons have the chance to vote for their favourite episodes of all time via http://tenplay.com.au/simpsons25

Saturdays at 6.00pm on TEN.
The Simpsons 25th Anniversary – Fan Favourite Countdown airs Wednesday, April 9, from 7.30pm on ELEVEN.

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  1. There really are some excellent eps of The Simpsons which spring to mind over the years I’ve tuned in.

    And Maggie makes three – For the endearing moment when Homer is asked why he has no pictures of Maggie and he states they are where they are most needed, covering up the “You’re here forever” plaque which reads “Do it for her”

    Make room for Lisa – only cause it has the fabulous Lindsay nagel uttering that brilliant line when questioned about mobile phone aerials “we prefer to call them keep in touch towers”

    Treehouse of Horror 6 – for the moment when Homer 3D is staring at the wonders in the 3D landscape and the orchestral music soars to create a rousing emotional second. (if you’re a fan, I’m sure you know what I’m on about)

    Mother Simpson – just for the end when Homer sits on his car on the quiet road with a starry sky (and shooting star) and the ep goes to…

  2. My all-time favourite would have to be Some Enchanted Evening which introduced Ms Botz “the Babysitter Bandit”. I don’t know why she hasn’t appeared since.

    Other notable mentions are Krusty Gets Busted as it was where Sideshow Bob’s evil side came out, Stark Raving Dad for the song Happy Birthday Lisa, Last Exit to Springfield for the quotes “Lisa Needs Braces” “Dental Plan” and Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk for the fantasy sequence of Homer in the land of chocolate.

  3. Either PTA Disbands or Lisa v Malibu Stacy.
    “If we get through to just that one girl, it might all be worth it.”
    “Yeah, if that girl pays $49,000 for that doll.”
    “Nothing, kudos to you Lisa, kudos.”

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