Spicks and Specks soft for ABC1

Ratings: Wednesday was a tough night for Spicks & Specks and Puberty Blues, as Seven takes the title again.

2014-01-15_0107When the ABC relaunched Spicks and Specks they reminded us that the original took time to find its feet and generate some good numbers.

Despite some generally favourable reviews, no doubt today they will be mindful of that fact given the relaunch has its lowest figure so far, just 408,000. Wednesday was also a tough night for Puberty Blues at 477,000 and under the 500,000 mark.

Seven network share was 34.9% then Nine 30.6%, ABC 15.4%, TEN 14.7% and SBS 4.4%.

My Kitchen Rules (1.63m) topped the night for Seven then Seven News (1.1m / 1.05m), Home and Away (959,000), The Blacklist (904,000), Million Dollar Minute (439,000) and Chicago Fire (400,000 / 277,000).

Nine News (1.17m / 1.07m) was best for Nine then The Block (1.14m), ACA (959,000), Inside Story (855,000), Hot Seat (611,000), CSI (581,000). CSI: NY was 312,000.

ABC News (837,000) led ABC1 followed by 7:30 (664,000), Mad as Hell (615,000), Spicks and Specks (408,000), The Moodys (346,000), The Last Leg (321,000) and The Wrong Mans (204,000).

On TEN it was TEN Eyewitness News (624,000), The Project (525,000 / 354,000), Puberty Blues (477,000), The Bold and the Beautiful (428,000), The Biggest Loser (335,000) and The Good Wife (274,000).

Indian Ocean with Simon Reeve (226,000) was best for SBS ONE then One Born Every Minute (210,000), World News Australia (129,000). Lilyhammer was 66,000.

Neighbours led multichannels at 288,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 12 March 2014

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  1. So threatening to talk about the GST and the like seems to have possibly put off 170,000+ viewers after the ABC News. I wasn’t sure what would happen. Although The Moodys seem more of a put off.

    After all the negativity I just want to say I’m glad Mad As Hell is doing well. I think it a wonderful show. It deserves to do well. I like where it is repeated too. Thank you.

  2. I used to rarely watch Spicks and Specks but watched the first episode of this new series out of general interest and I haven’t missed an episode since. Love it.
    Ella and Adam are great team captains and I find Josh quite funny.

  3. Well ten, I am watching Secrets & Lies and Puberty Blues. The only other Aussie shows I’m watching are Love Child, which is my fav Aussie show at the moment and Fat Tony, which is my least favorite. But I’m compelled to watch to see how they dramatise events that happened after the 2008 original.

  4. ABC need to stick with Spicks and Speckes. It will find it’s feet…and even if it doesn’t, it costs little to produce and is getting value for money. People would have been saying the same things about the original hosts when it started, go back and look at the early episodes.
    It’s amazing how tainted Ten is. We all know that if Secrets and Lies and/or Puberty Blues were on Nine, they would be killing the ratings. Just look at Love Child.

  5. @MuchTB – Shaun’s not for everyone but it’s not just one woman performing on the show, there are three.
    Perhaps the wigs confused you but they do look pretty different.

    It’s hard to argue it’s niche when it rates better than every show screening on Channel 10 except for the news. It couldn’t be on every night but it should be one every week for most of the year. Spicks and Specks is in big trouble when it goes. I think it’s way better than the Chaser but you know horses for courses.

    I fear they may have miscast spicks and specks. I wonder if they will change the cast or axe it.

  6. I really enjoy the chemistry of Ella & Adam and their musical knowledge – josh earl is still a little too loud and speaks too fast. I’m not completely sold on him as quizmaster. But the show still maintains the feel-good quality of the original and is a welcome addition to my Wednesday night viewing.

  7. I tried watching Mad As Hell last week but couldn’t get into it at all. It just wasn’t funny, entertaining or original at all. It was like a bad version of The Chasers War On Everything. That one woman that performed all the interviewed characters was a train wreck.

    People saying this show should be on every night of the week are out of their minds, there is no way it would appeal to a large demographic, the humour is too niche

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