The Biggest Loser living up to its title this year

Ratings: Seven takes another night, while Biggest Loser stays under 300,000 for TEN.

2014-03-27_1007It’s impossible to ignore the numbers for The Biggest Loser this week on TEN.

Last night was just 296,000, up marginally from a dreadful 268,000 the night before. While the show struggles against the might of MKR and The Block it’s letting down quality shows like Puberty Blues as a lead-in.  Even the network’s own ratings release can’t find some solace in the Demos.

Clearly on those numbers the show should be bumped to another timeslot or onto a multichannel. But really, what does TEN have to replace it with that will do any better? What does it mean for 2015 commissions -and can MasterChef turn this thing around?

Seven Network again won the night with a 33.6% share then Nine 31.0%, ABC 15.6%, TEN 15.4% and SBS 4.2%.

My Kitchen Rules was #1 at 1.61m then Seven News (1.12m / 1.04m), The Blacklist (974,000), Home and Away (913,000) and Million Dollar Minute (488,000).

The Block was best for Nine at 1.29m then Nine News (1.19m / 1.09m), A Current Affair (979,000). Inside Story was coded separately with 816,000 in 5 cities and 293,000 in 2 cities where a second story ran. Hot Seat was 667,000 and The Footy Show was 322,000 in 3 cities.

ABC News (864,000) again led ABC1 followed by 7:30 (631,000), Mad as Hell (620,000), Spicks and Specks (438,000), The Moodys (315,000), The Last Leg (298,000). The Wrong Mans was 152,000.

TEN Eyewitness News (636,000) ranked best for TEN then The Project (577,000 / 371,000), Puberty Blues (517,000), The Bold & The Beautiful (385,000), The Good Wife (329,000), The Biggest Loser (296,000) and Modern Family (272,000).

On SBS ONE it was Indian Ocean with Simon Reeve (278,000), One Born Every Minute (150,000), SBS World News (143,000). Lilyhammer was 66,000.

Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom again topped multichannels at 282,000.

Sunrise: 336,000
Today: 329,000
ABC News Breakfast: 65,000 / 50,000
Wake Up: 50,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 26 March 2014

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  1. What a shame that Ten/Shine chose to steer away from a tried and proven format for the show. I think their bold move has backfired if we are to use the ratings as the yard stick. One has to wonder if the creative talent behind the production understands their audience at all. Reality TV is about the audience being able to relate to the contestants on a number of levels. For instance, I would only suspect those who live, came from or maybe have visited Ararat really give a rats proverbial about the town and its obesity problems. The Biggest Loser has proven to be a winner for NBC in the US for a number of reasons. Primarily they haven’t diverged from a proven format. Personally, I believe the producers and the network need to go back and look at the 2009 season which in my opinion was the most successful from a reality TV perspective. That season had all the requirements for audience…

  2. Squirrel: Not my expectation at all. I’m just finding it hard to fathom how Ten can be consistently failing to attract any sort of decent numbers for any of their shows, including the many I don’t watch. The chasm of difference between them and 7 or 9 is so large it’s starting to smell fishy.

  3. TBL – I have never been a fan of. It’s cheap American based TV. It has had reduced ratings every year. Ten should not have bought it back again….But I guess they thought it was worth one more chance hoping cricket and olympics would help to achieve reasonable ratings….

    Would have to say MC Ratings do not look promising as again people are tired of the format.

    Ten need to Invest in shows for the masses…..Not Dance shows or shows about male singers who dress up as women.

  4. Viewers are sick of watch TBL because as well as the show you get bombarded with all the commercials the trainers & host star in. Just too much exposure & the fact that you have no contestants from any other part of Australia except Ararat then you lose the rooting factor for the contestants from your city or state.
    Masterchef is always going to be the premier cooking show on Australian TV & also has international sales so it doesn’t rely solely on Aust ratings.

  5. Seriously, do 7 or 9 have some dodgy deals with people who have OzTam boxes because I can’t believe Ten truly are failing this badly when their shows are no worse than the others. TBL is the most human and positively emotional reality show out of My Bitchin’ Rules and The Block. Ten deserves better.

  6. I still love the biggest loser and watch it every day so add a 500k to that figure if I had a ratings box lol. I think it’s a couple of things this year why it’s not working quite well. Clearly 3 reality doesn’t work at 7.30, maybe if we had another 20m people to watch tv but we don’t, also this season is good but not as good as previous singles or families seasons. I hope it returns next yr cause Ten doesn’t want another network to pick it up and make it work like x factor and big brother.

  7. Masterchef is going to be just as bad as TBL I don’t know why Ten can’t see this. It wasn’t very succesfull last season (finale didnt crack 1m vs 3m for previous seasons) and with lower lead-in ratings this year I’m not sure why they think it will work?

  8. I started off watching TBL this year and found it good but as the weeks have gone on it has become boring. Same old challenges, same old bickering and the talent are just very bland. I might go back for the finale

  9. When are we going to talk about the elephant in the room?

    Australia is too small a market to commercially sustain all our viewing options, free, paid, downloaded or streamed, legal or otherwise.

  10. I think 10 will bump TBL very soon. I don’t think Masterchef will work. I tend not to make predictions because I didn’t think Masterchef would work in the first place. I reckon I’m right this time though.

  11. Some very bizarre decisions made around this season of TBL. Usually they pull their contestants from all over the country. Pulling your contestants all from one small town in country Victoria was always going to limit the options.
    Secondly, whoever decided Michelle Bridges should have such limited involvement in the first two thirds of the season should be fired immediately. She is by far the best thing about this show. Anyway,based on ratings, you would imagine this will be the final season. This is either its 9th or 10th series, so it has had a good run and will no doubt return one day.

  12. In a nutshell, no Masterchef won’t turn anything around – MKR has soaked up the audience that wants to watch cooking, so thats done its job (there was a rumor MKR was started as a MC killer)

    10 need a complete and utter overhaul and revamp

  13. What i find most painful about the results of TBL, aside from the face it is the furtherst thing from common sense weight loss, and that in just about every scene you have somebody talking about something that a person may or may not have done on the show ( pure reality rubbish at it’s very worst) is that Ten appear to have absolutely no intention of moving the show to 11, or replacing it with anything else, hence this lack of action is assisting in Ten’s downward sprial ….

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