The Block beats My Kitchen Rules

Ratings: For the first time this year Nine's reality show pips Seven's, but the night was still won by Seven.

2014-03-10_0943For the first time this season, The Block has beaten My Kitchen Rules.

Nine’s reality showed scored 1.57m viewers, benefitting from its “room reveal” episode at a time when Seven’s, on 1.55m, is without its competitive instant restaurants.

Seven still won the night with a share of 36.5% followed by Nine on 32.6%, ABC 13.6%, TEN 11.0% and SBS 6.2%.

MKR and Seven News (1.32m) were best for Seven but their luck began to turn from 8pm with Sunday Night (1.3m) and Downton Abbey (1.08m) both winning their slots. Castle was 380,000.

Behind The Block for Nine were Nine News (1.32m), 60 Minutes (1.2m), Fat Tony and Co. (941,000) and Person of Interest (490,000).

ABC News (791,000) led ABC1 then Rake (561,000), Richard Hammond Builds a Planet (440,000) and Compass (403,000). Waking the Dead was just 183,000.

Another glum Sunday for TEN unable to rise above TEN Eyewitness News (483,000), So You Think You Can Dance Australia slumped to 331,000 / 314,000 with the bulk of the show at the lower end, Snow Babies was 245,000, Graham Norton was 244,000 and Have You Been Paying Attention? just 195,000. Where will the freefalling end?

SBS did relatively well by their standards with The Vikings at 314,000 then Easter Island: Mysteries of a Lost World (260,000), World News Australia (173,000), Who Do You Think You Are? (130,000) and Bobby Fischer Against the World (81,000).

GO!’s Big Bang Theory led multichannels at 250,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 9 March 2014

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  1. @Bass_A ‘Graham Norton is cheap and Nasty filler that has no place on a primary channel prime time schedule’ that seems a bit harsh?? i actually find it really entertaining as i love a good chat show, shame we don’t have more of them here, GNS is good filler till Adam Hills starts again, presuming it is.

    As for MKR all i can say is yawn! not suprised the Block beat it even though i’m not a fan of it. MKR is maybe just too formulaic to get me hooked in this year, i think they need a point of difference after running with the same format for 3 seasons. I’m also finding it too drawn out at an hour & 20 mins.

  2. I’m not surprised The Block beat MKR. I was a big fan of MKR when they had the pop-up restaurants but I don’t like this new format with the food truck at all. It is confusing and the whole show looks like a mess.

  3. It is now to late to save SYTYCD and TBL for this year but when master chef starts ten should put master chef on at 7pm monday to friday and maybe 8pm sundays and at 7:30 monday to. Friday put the project on that would be a point of difference to nine and sevens reality shows

    As for MKR they should just have the instant restaurants rounds and just eliminate 1 team each time all the teams have cooked while i am enjoying MKR i do agree with others its not as good now that the instant restaurants are over

  4. Channel 10 Sunday nights from 6PM – 9:30PM is great viewing, much more so than Channel 9 and to some extent Channel 7… I am baffled why people aren’t tuning in more :/

  5. Only watching out MKR out of habit now. Maybe I’m no longer part of the demographic but I’m fed up with all the juvenile antics of the younger teams. Capt Jack and wife were crap cooks but they it gave you something to watch. The surfer blokes from QLD won’t win but at least they’re down to earth.

  6. I think SYTYCDA is really good, some of the dancers are fantastic, so it’s a shame that it’s not getting the viewers. It’s nice to see something different from the usual singing, renovation and cooking reality formats so I hope TEN persevere with it.

  7. I watched HYBPA last night and it had vastly improved from it’s first episodes. An entertaining show that is starting to click,a shame about the ratings. Not brilliant tv but fun tv for 7pm on a sun night. Snow Babies was fun as well – why quality tv like this flops is a mystery.

  8. Gotta admit I’m not a fan of Sunday nights with both 9 & 7 playing petty much the same formats of reality then reporting doco’s. Not a fan of what channel 10 has to offer either. I’m hoping that 10 will stick clear of reality when SYTYCD finishes up and maybe put some good comedy on or a Drama.

    What 10 needs is a showcase style series something new and original like GoT or Walking Dead. Somthing with big production. I do remember Dave publishing an article about Australia aiming to make these type of series I’m not sure if there is any further news on that? Dave? I think the Tomorrow When The War Began series would be an epic Tv series with 7 books on teenagers gorilla war fare and many story lines and characters it could be a real thriller for a Sunday night.

  9. Awful ratings again for Ten, just horrendous, when will this misery end?

    They need a complete and total shakeup, people ghost commission winners, not duds like HYBPA, I’m sure working dog are lovely people but how dwn they persist with ratings that have a 1 or 2 at the start of their national audience

    Dance was ruined by poor choice of host, Carrie isn’t suited to this format at all

    Graham Norton is cheap and Nasty filler that has no place on a primary channel prime time schedule

    Go back to innovative programming like your gen, he’ll even good news week at 9:30 Sunday would be better than norton

  10. TEN are falling further and further behind each and every week. How they can sustain this as a business is beyond me. The highest show on their network last week was just over 500k. Its crazy. Soon TEN will dwindle into multi-channel territory if its not careful.

    Great night for Seven and Nine though. MKR lost to The Block for the first time this season, Downton had a great episode last night that left me speechless and Sunday Night had some great stories. Rake is doing ok on ABC but competing with the big 2 right now is proving difficult for everyone even the ABC.

  11. Trouble with moving SYTYCD is that whatever is put in its place will rate badly until MKR and TB have finished their runs as viewers are entrenched in these two series.

    Hard to leave it there though, as those numbers are pathetic. I can see it being played out Sunday afternoons at 3.00pm and Have You Been Paying Attention must be dropped altogether.

  12. Completely agree with the freefalling comment David.

    I remember reading your editorial pieces on Ten’s poor performances months if not a year or so ago.

    The issues have been long highlighted and Beverley has made little impact since Mott’s departure.

    How bad can or should I say will it get for Ten?

    Like all loyal readers on here, we would love another editorial piece.

  13. I stopped watching MKR last Wednesday. I find the food trucks etc very boring now and I recorded Wednesdays ep and on Sunday realised I hadn’t watched it so I didn’t bother watching Sunday.

  14. Wow! The Block killed SYTYCD by more than a million viewers. SYTYCD is a horrible show to put on TEN on Sunday Nights and should be put on Eleven. If they put on eleven and it failed again, then they will axe this show completely!

  15. Won’t be long until SBS One will rate higher than Channel Ten?

    I think the biggest problem for Ten is that SYTYCD is up against better competition. From the comments in the ratings page, it seems there is nothing wrong with the show, just something better to watch on the other channels.

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