Update: Winners and Losers, Parenthood.

2014-03-09_0034Seven has two episodes of Winners and Losers this Tuesday night from 8:45pm, with Parenthood out this week.

Parenthood is off for two weeks but resumes thereafter with double eps. There are another 8 episodes which have already aired in the US.

“Time Waits For No One / The Right Wrong Choice”
Bec confronts Ryan about his continued distance and is stunned by his response. Sam throws herself into work and finds herself drawn to a young cancer patient, Adam. Meanwhile, Jenny has an interview but a photo could ruin her chances and Sophie makes a mess of her date with Evan. Then, Sophie grows attached to a drug- dependent baby whose addict mother has disappeared. Sam continues to look after Adam but when he gets the worst possible news, it hits Sam hard.

Loved up Frances wants to show Zach a sign of her commitment and Jenny attempts to take her flirtation with Gabe to the next level.

8:45pm Tuesday March 11 on Seven.


  1. Damn just realized this when I checked the PVR finding most of the 2nd ep was not recorded. Plus the fact Parenthood was missing.

    Guess I’ll have to find them else where now…

  2. Yep, Parenthood is missing two weeks in a row – not happy. If you don’t want to show it on the main channel, finish the series on 72 – this sort of programming is why people flock to the internet to watch series.

  3. harrypotter1994

    While I’ll admin Winners and Losers isn’t the best show on earth its still an enjoyable time and Virginia Gay’s performance is soo good..could watch it for the rest of my life just for her

  4. Totally agree with everyone re W&L, I culled both W&L and Parenthood from my viewing list last year. Which is just as well, cause there’s so much to watch at the moment.

  5. Glad I’m not alone in thinking that W&L has gone downhill. I find it so boring and cliched, why can’t it be better? It’s on a golden network with a gold star timeslot but it’s so mediocre. I always stay for the first few minutes after MKR than give up.

  6. Justsaying..

    I was once a fan of winners & loosers it has become really boring I must agree, the story lines just go around in circles and the characters just seem to have no ground the series seems to be going nowhere interesting I dunno I’ve really tuned out I definately prefer Wonderland to Winners & loosers it’s starting to turn out like a ran to the ground ‘All Saints’ drama series.

  7. I’ve lost interest in Winners and Losers, so much so that I’ve stopped watching it. This season was very boring. I wonder if it was because that I know that Packed To The Rafters won’t be on when Winners and Losers is finished!

    Why can’t they show a single episode of Parenthood after Winners and Losers! Parenthood better resume next week otherwise I’ll be watching it via other ways.

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