Which TV shows spend most on radio ads?

Have a guess which show is spending the most on radio ads this year? But wait, there's more...

2014-03-06_1240Much discussion has centred recently about how much promotion some networks are doing in the media on their content, and whether aggressive spends, or a lack thereof, are directly impacting on television ratings.

Mediaweek today published an analysis of television program ads on radio from January 1 to March 4.

It reveals Seven has been the biggest spender. The network has a 36% share of the ads broadcast, TEN is next with 28% followed by Nine on 22% and then Foxtel on 14%.

The analysis from AirCheck listed My Kitchen Rules as the most heavily promoted program with a total of 4,972 ads going to air on 34 stations.

The next most advertised program was Seven News but it had less than half the ads that MKR got – 2,395.

Yet despite a big spend for So You Think You Can Dance Australia, the show is yet to cut through for TEN.

Here is the AirCheck top 10:
1. My Kitchen Rules (Seven) 4,972
2. Seven News (Seven) 2,395
3. So You Think You Can Dance Australia (TEN) 2,200
4. The Block Fans V Faves (Nine) 1,909
5. Olympic Winter Games (TEN) 1,703
6. The Biggest Loser: Challenge Australia (TEN) 1,699
7. Foxtel (Various channels) 1,663
8. Nine News (Nine) 1,572
9. Fox Footy Channel 1,165
10. 60 Minutes/Fat Tony & Co (Nine) 985

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  1. @ohdenny.. thats because Lachlan Murdoch has a large holding in DMG which owns Nova. Its also why you see a lot of Ten advertising in shopping centres as they are controlled by Eye and Ten use to own Eye and has a long term contract with them

  2. This doesn’t suprise me that Its 7 followed by Ten. On our biggest radio station in Perth, every arvo there is a Today Tonight wrap for the night. Also we have gotten Tens ad’s alot – I remember the Turn on Ten bit but not the ads

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