2.18m for The Block auction as underdogs take the prize

block6772Wednesday was always going to go The Block‘s way, it was just a question of by how much.

Nine strategically divided its finale into three Overnight figures:
Winner Announced: 2.18m
Auctions: 2.16m
Grand Final: 1.88m

That was just above 2.12m for the All-Stars Winner announced a year ago, which was down on 2.97m when a single season ran in 2012. The Skyhigh finale, which aired mid 2013 hit 2.8m viewers. The results indicate bigger crowds for winter auctions.

Nine network won with 36.1% then Seven 33.0%, ABC 14.0%, TEN 13.0%, SBS 3.8%.

Nine’s figures are preliminary and do not include various overruns. A Current Affair was 1.44m, Nine News was 1.26m / 1.23m, Mom was 1.1 / 838,000, and Hot Seat was 669,000.

Despite the heated competition Seven still had a good night. My Kitchen Rules was best at 1.65m, then Seven News (1.2m / 1.14m), Mrs Brown’s Boys (1.04m / 849,000) and Million Dollar Minute (576,000). Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD was 233,000.

ABC News (895,000) topped ABC1 then 7:30 (643,000), Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell (632,000), Grand Designs (395,000). Other shows suffered against the competition: The Agony of Modern Manners (395,000), Spicks and Specks (365,000), The Kumars (227,000). The Wrong Mans was 105,000.

TEN Eyewitness News was 647,000 on TEN then The Project (542,000 / 369,000). With event television elsewhere The Bold and the Beautiful (410,000) actually bettered Puberty Blues (384,000 its lowest on record), The Good Wife was 324,000, Modern Family was 277,000 and Jamie and Jimmy’s Food Fight Club a dire 215,000 -last in its slot.

Tea and Coffee Trails with Simon Reeve was 227,000 for SBS ONE followed by One Born Every Minute (134,000), SBS World News (118,000) and The Bridge (102,000).

Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom took both first (317,000) and second (312,000) spots on multichannels.

The Morning Show: 167,000
Mornings: 143,000
Studio 10: 58,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 9 April 2014


  1. The Block Fans v Faves beats All Stars by a tiny margin. Nine will be very happy about their network share. With The Voice AUS and the Logie Awards a few weeks away, expect Nine to have stronger ratings.
    On the other note, it was a terrible night for Modern Family, Jamie’s Kitchen and Puberty Blues. This could hurt both of these shows a lot.

  2. It really sucks that Puberty Blues which i think is the best aussie drama airing right now is doing so badly. I am hoping TEN give it a 3rd season but i am not holding my breath.

    MKR and The Block have their own audience. They really don’t overlap that much which is why the results don’t surprise me.

  3. @steviem
    I completely agree with you, thats what I said on the ratings page ! to me for some reason this felt like a win for channel 7 because mkr did so well and was not affected by its tough competition, I expected more for the block, nowadays 2mil for a final on such channels like 7 or 9 it’s nothing,

  4. I didn’t say that Spicks & Specks was flop of the year but that it was a contender. Obviously, Ten has that title sewn up. Nevertheless, whether we use last night or any of the past 6 weeks as a gauge, Spicks & Specks has flopped big time. It had high hopes, a reasonable lead in, good publicity, but, it’s ratings are dreadful. A flop.

  5. I’m loving Spicks & Specks. Hope it doesn’t get canned. Perfect idea to make it exclusively for ABC2…it has an ABC2 ‘feel’ about it, as does, for example, Good Game.

  6. David, could you please put up the ratings figures for last night’s 25th anniversary special of The Simpsons that was on Eleven? I quite enjoyed it, though I would have preferred other hosts than the two from Couch Time. Ash and Scotty from the Loop would have done an awesome job.

    Why didn’t Radioactive Man make the cut? The episodes a classic and it featured Mickey Rooney who sadly passed away just the other day.

  7. Yes well not flop of the year agreed, most of channel 10 is up for that, but certainly a concern. I was more responding to the idea that last week was a better indicator. Mad As Hell has an ABC1 audience. Spicks does not.

    They no doubt contractually need to stick with it for a while but they should certainly shift it to ABC2 or later in the evening.

  8. The Mom sneak peak did not win me over, I switched away before it ended.
    The quality of mainstream sitcoms from the US have a real sameness about them lately, and I am sure not a fan.

  9. daveinprogress

    I can see Mom going the way of Wiliam Shatner’s sitcom of a few years ago. It was ok; a bit obvious and contrived, but as a pilot, it was efficiently set up. Allison Janney deserves better material, and i’m not sure i buy her as Anna Farris’s mother. Farris kept reminding me of Bonnie Hunt and Swoozie Kurtz – both would have been better casting choices. I know Swoozie is in Mike and Molly; but Anna shares some of her mannerisms. I’ll probably tune in next week….

  10. I disagree David, Mad As Hell was also against the block and it went up in the ratings from last week. There is an ABC audience there watching the channel and for the second week in row now Spicks has rated less than the show following it. If it was a 6 week scripted comedy it would be branded a flop. How many weeks does it get? Is it when it hits 300k?

    • I’ve filed some concerns on Spicks ratings in recent weeks and agree there are former fans that have not taken to it. But I would not be calling anything the flop of the year based on last night. At the moment isn’t ABC that has dibs on that title.

  11. Clearly, the public is not a fan of the new Spicks and Specks. A contender for “flop of the year”.
    It’s dragging down the Agony show as it did the Moodys.

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