ABC offers Jonah binge on iview

2014-04-16_2328In a rare broadcasting move, ABC will offer Chris Lilley fans all six episodes of Jonah from Tonga on iview before the first episode screens on ABC1.

The bold move will see episodes available from 6pm Friday May 2nd until 6pm Sunday May 4th AEST.

This follows from ABC announcing in late 2013 that  a major commissioned series would be offered in its entirety as an iview binge. Production partner BBC Three will follow suit with their own binge weekend on BBC iPlayer in the UK.

Producer Laura Waters from Princess Pictures said: “Jonah From Tonga is a thrilling series, coming out in the most thrilling era of television.

“Chris and I will always put the fan’s experience first. We’re so excited that people can choose their own way of getting involved with Jonah!”

Arul Baskaran, ABC Head of Online and Multiplatform, added, “ABC iview was the first in the Australian market with an online streaming catch-up service and we continue to deliver ‘firsts’ five years on.

“We’re firm believers in innovation and improving how technology can deliver outstanding Australian content to audiences no matter where they’re watching, and we’re thrilled to now offer binge viewing of a highly-anticipated show from one of Australia’s most respected comedic talents.”

ABC1 will premiere the series on broadcast, May 7 at 9pm.


  1. By putting it up in iview first the ABC is creating and excuse for when viewers prefer to watch something else. The ratings show the audience is tired of them churning out another version of the same Chris Lilley show every year.

    If the the really ABC believes in innovation, come up with a fresh show instead of boasting about how hip by shunning their own expensive broadcast network and copying Netflix’s distribution model.

  2. I don’t get why they can’t just put them up one episode at a time and let people binge on them after they aired. If they want to.

    I’ll also admit I’m not the audience for this kind of “comedy”. Although I presume this will prevent any QI incidents happening at least. So that audience can be happy if so. I guess we’ll find out the ratings. I’m curious about that.

  3. If I could have one wish this year, it would be that Fox do the same with the season of 24. I’m going to be a very impatient person each week.

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