Airdate: 2014 FIFA World Cup

SBS confirms its Live, HD broadcast schedule of the World Cup in Brazil this June.

2014-04-13_1705SBS has confirmed its broadcast schedule for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, exclusive to SBS.

The event is expected to be the biggest drawcard to SBS this year. It will kick off with the opening match between Brazil and Croatia at 5:30am AEST Friday 13 June live on SBS ONE.

All matches will be live on SBS ONE and SBS HD, with the only exceptions being the concurrent group stage matches which will be broadcast live on SBS 2 and then replayed on SBS ONE immediately afterwards.

The Socceroos will first appear the following morning against Chile at 7:30am AEST Saturday 14 June live on SBS ONE. They go up against the Netherlands at 1:30am AEST Thursday 19th June live on SBS ONE, and Spain at 1:30am AEST Tuesday 24th June live on SBS ONE.

SBS 2 will broadcast The FIFA World Cup Show, hosted by Les Murray and Craig Foster live from Rio de Janeiro, will air every night at 9:30pm with match highlights and analysis as well as interviews, features and the latest news.

Ken Shipp, Head of Sport at SBS said: “The countdown to the World Cup of a lifetime in Brazil, football’s spiritual heartland, has well and truly begun. For the 2014 FIFA World Cup SBS will be providing more content across more platforms than ever before, making it our biggest World Cup yet.”

SBS will also stream all matches live online at www.sbs.com.au/theworldgame with interactive multi-streams from six different angles. It will also feature full match replays and multi-angle replay functionality. A World Game app will provide live mobile streams of every match across smartphones and tablets.

In addition to coverage on SBS Radio, NITV will also broadcast one hour match of the day highlights at 8:30pm on Saturday and Monday evenings throughout the tournament.

The event takes place from Friday 13 June to Monday 14 July.

A full broadcast schedule can be downloaded here: SBS FIFA World Cup 2014

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  1. A show at 9:30 every night? Scheduling seems in the middle of nowhere…let me explain: If I’m a die hard fan and going to be watching matches from 1:30am onwards every night, then watching a show at 9:30pm is right in the middle of the prime ‘early night so I can get up later’ sleep session. Apart from that 9:30 show, SBS 2 doesn’t seem to be doing much of the lifting here at all, an attempt to preserve their schedule? The match highlights are on NITV instead. Intriguing…

  2. @William – Well Australian Socceroos have been beaten by a few teams in every match back in the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Unfortunately for us, we didn’t make the finals! Hope australia will win more games in this year’s FIFA WC. That will draw stronger ratings and higher network shares for SBS ONE and SBS2.
    For WA viewers, we have to see all the matches early morning between 1:30AM and 10AM. And the Australian Matches will be seen just after midnight which will be hard to sleep in for our nation!
    @jwmcd – The Vuvuzelas made me annoyed when I hear these constant noises on TV. Not only that, but it will contribute to noise pollution. And some people at the game might suffer ear aches.

  3. I know the mainstream media will be there again jumping on the once every 4 years bandwagon. It will be “Australia, Australia, Australia and who cares about the 31 other teams” type of attitude all over again.

  4. @stilesy – Australia have never won a FIFA World Cup Title before. The Australian Socceroos Team’s best result was in Germany 2006 when they reached the quarter finals. Spain was the most recent team to win the World Cup back in 2010. If Australia makes it to the World Cup Final, this will draw more viewers around the nation.

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