Airdate: American Jungle

amjunWith apologies to Lost perhaps, A&E will screen reality series American Jungle as hunters battle one another in the tropical forests of Hawaii.

American Jungle follows clans of hunters in the remote jungles of Hawaii as they stalk their tribal lands to provide for their families. The long-standing rivalries, some dating back hundreds of years, between the clans are intense and tensions run high as each aims to protect its territory at any cost. These hunters have to battle not only each other but also the jungle itself. Set amongst the true last frontier in America, in almost impenetrable island forests, even the most seasoned hunter can get lost in a second. Lava flows across the land, dense fog blankets the landscape and trails they walk are bordered by steep ravines. To survive here you have to know the land, and be quick to kill first or be killed.

Thursdays from May 8 at 8.30pm on A&E.

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