Airdate: Dead Drunk: A Night in the Cross

ABC looks at Australia’s drinking culture across a King's Cross weekend, with club patrons, police, venue owners and more.

2014-04-02_0025Later this month ABC will tackle the issue of Australia’s drinking and party culture with a documentary Dead Drunk: A Night in the Cross.

Filmed over a single weekend, this will follow a number of groups in King’s Cross: a teenage rap group about to embark on their first live performance in a Kings Cross club, a 21st party and a hens night.

Filmed by Essential Media, their stories will be interspersed with interviews with various experts and people with a vested interest in the Cross – expected to include academics, club owners, police, pollies, charity workers, injecting room staff.

Immediately following, there will be a live chat hosted by Triple J’s Tom Tilley on ABC2, picking up the issues raised in the film.

Part observational documentary, part event TV, Dead Drunk responds to current concerns about Australia’s drinking and party culture and the propensity of young men and, increasingly, women for violence.

Focusing on the country’s ultimate party strip for an intense 12 hours, the film follows key characters as they party hell for leather in Kings Cross one Saturday night – cramming it all in before new lockout laws end their fun slightly earlier.

Leading figures and commentators will also be thrown into the KX mosh pit on the night, each giving their expert views on the way we drink and the alcohol-fuelled violence that so often follows.

Dead Drunk will be shot on a single Saturday/Sunday. Footage from half a dozen camera crews, the mobile phones of characters and fixed street cameras will bring to life the stories of key participants in the KX carnival over one night. It will be edited over the following nine days, and aired the following week.

The film will provide a very current snapshot of the Cross as the new lockout laws are implemented and bemoaned, endorsed and vilified, supported and disobeyed.

Immediately following the ABC1 broadcast, ABC2 will screen Dead Drunk: In Discussion – a live chat about the issues raised in the program. Hosted by Triple J Hack’s Tom Tilley, key characters from the documentary will join experts and stakeholders to look at the impact of New South Wales’ new lockout laws and the nation-wide issue of alcohol-fuelled violence more generally.

Tuesday 15 April, 8.30pm ABC1

Followed by Dead Drunk: A Night in Discussion at 9.30pm live (AEST) on ABC2

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  1. In Chinese medicine it is clearly understood that alcohol aggravates the Liver/gallbladder which is also imbalanced by frustration and anger and has a sudden upward expression of heat, anger and or violence and the energy of these organs and energies peak at 11pm to 1am for Gallbladder and 1am to 3am for the Liver………it is a natural consequence to end up with chronic violence late at night and into early hours after excessive drinking by this who are aleady frustrated and or unable to handle their emotions so in turn they and others are at the effect of them or handled by them. Too often with irreversible damage done. If we could not only limit the intake and exposure at these hours but also turn the negative into a positive by creating a community focus to support these young or otherwise impacted people to channel their energies of unexpressed emotions into productive,enhancing…

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