Airdate: Ex on the Beach

It's all downhill from the opening credits, as 8 young thangs didn't count on their ex-partners joining in the holiday fun.

2014-04-21_2312If you sign up for a reality TV show these days, you better know what you’re getting into.

These 8 semi-naked young thangs thought they were filming a Geordie Shore style show of sun, sand and sex, but weren’t wise to the producer’s idea to also throw their ex-partners into the mix.

Ex on the Beach is all downhill from the amusing opening credits, but if you’re into shows of this type it begins tomorrow on MTV.

Or you could just perve on the bods and make like you care.

Get ready for sun, sea and ‘ex’, as MTV follows eight singles guys and girls in search of love to an exotic Mediterranean paradise. Little do they know, their past is about to wash up unexpectedly on the beach, turning their summer dream into a living nightmare. Watch the drama unfold, as old flames ensure someone gets burnt in MTV’s devious new dating series, Ex on the Beach.
Bronzed, buffed and ready for the holiday romance of a lifetime, the smoking hot singles move into a luxury villa, confident they are about to get lucky on a sizzling new MTV dating show. But things are about to get even more ex-citing as their ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends begin to appear one-by-one. Just as new relationships start to blossom between the singles, the path of true love runs anything but smoothly, as drama unfolds and each ‘ex’ arrives with unique intent. The game is on, but who will win back the objects of their affection? And who will exact their revenge?

8.30pm Wednesday April 23rd on MTV.

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