Airdate: Intelligence, Returning: Under the Hammer.

2014-04-14_1247Seven has confirmed the return of My Kitchen Rules for next Monday night, along with a few other shows, launching ahead of the return of ratings.

US action series Intelligence, starring Josh Holloway, will premiere 9pm Wednesday April 23rd. This premiered in the US in January

The U.S. Cyber Command Lillian Strand, hires Secret Service agent Riley Neal to protect their greatest asset – agent Gabriel Vaughn who has has a cyber chip implanted in his brain which connects him to the Internet and various data banks. They are quickly on the job when the creator of Gabriel’s implant is kidnapped by Chinese agents are creating their own skilled agents.

Under the Hammer, now hosted by Scott Pape, premieres 8pm Thursday April 24. This brand first premiered in 2010 although Seven’s amendments seem to imply it is a new show.

Buying or selling your home can be one of the biggest decisions of your life. For many of us, that means going head to head at an auction. Jules and Henrik have been house hunting for their first home for over a year with no luck. Jules’ father, Ian has offered financial assistance but with strings attached; they must buy a house not an apartment. But will their differences collide at auction? Then, after separating from her husband, Katia needs to sell her home at auction for a good price to pay for the new home she is hoping to buy on the same day! With two auctions on the same day, it’s double the stress that could push her to breaking point.


  1. I’ll admit I was wondering if the ratings fall that they’d put it on after The Blacklist. Seems a good idea at least in the commercial world. Maybe there’d be Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. too for awhile. Decent line up. Although that’s theoretically since I’ve never seen Intelligence.

  2. Seven are putting Intelligence on so people will watch it for a few weeks before it gets officially axed.

    Seven will have 4 episodes of The Blacklist to show when ratings resume. They will have room for it once Intelligence’s ratings drop below the 850k that Blacklist still delivers.

  3. 7 sure seem to launch a lot of these single season US network shows. perhaps a strategy? a 13 episode season can be played out easily, then its gone and you don’t need to put up with whinging fans wondering when & where then next season is airing for the next 8 years.

  4. Intelligence only has 13 episodes and would’ve been a much better fit for 7Mate, as it’s very likely to be cancelled in the US, due to poor ratings.

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