All the drama of Monday gives Nine a win

LC-b4-d10-HIGH-RES-30Nine’s new drama series Love Child certainly has viewers hooked.

At just under 1.3m viewers last night it increased on its preceding week by another 120,000 in Overnight numbers. It continues to impact on TEN’s Secrets and Lies at just 316,000 after too many viewers missed the inciting murder of episode one.

Nine won the night with a network share of 32.9% then Seven 31.6%, ABC 17.9%, TEN 13.3% and SBS 4.4%.

The Block was best for Nine at 1.55m then Love Child (1.29m), Nine News (1.22m / 1.17m), A Current Affair (1.06m), Hot Seat (644,000). Footy Classified was 344,000 in 3 cities.

My Kitchen Rules booted out Carly & Tresne to the tune of 1.66m as the night’s top show. Next for Seven were Seven News (1.15m / 1.06m), Home and Away (1.00m), Revenge (854,000), Million Dollar Minute (461,000), How I Met Your Mother (392,000 / 266,000).

ABC News (931,000) was high for ABC1 then 7:30 (704,000), Australian Story (683,000), Four Corners (617,000), Media Watch (592,000) and Q & A (530,000).

TEN Eyewitness News (661,000) led TEN’s night followed by The Project (585,000 / 387,000), Modern Family (506,000), Bondi Rescue (417,000), The Bold and The Beautiful (405,000), Secrets and Lies (316,000). Blue Bloods was 238,000.

Vikings (281,000) was best for SBS ONE then Mythbusters (164,000), RocKwiz (151,000) and SBS World News (130,000).

Neighbours (308,000) led multichannels.

Sunrise: 342,000
Today: 339,000
ABC News Breakfast: 66,000 / 43,000
Wake Up: 40,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 31 March 2014


  1. Have not enjoyed watching S&L. I was going to stop watching it and come back for the last ep, but when they said there is only two episodes left I thought bugger it I’ll have to see it till the bitter end.

  2. daveinprogress

    I’m a dinosaur who just prefers to watch the show and submerge in that. Secrets and Lies, while not top shelf, is compelling enough. I want to sing out the performance of the young actress playing Ben’s younger child. She is marvellous. I think Martin Henderson does pretty well; nice to see someone other than Don Hany, David Wenham, Richard Roxburgh or Lachy Hulme in a lead role. I agree that Anthony Hayes’ character is just too underwritten, as have the wife’s. Hayes is such a fine actor it is a shame, that the 2nd billed actor in the cast has so little to do. I am committed to seeing this one through.

  3. carolemorrissey

    I think Secrets & Lies is absolutely brilliant. It should be rating through the roof. I don’t have zeebox & haven’t bothered with the webisodes. I can’t wait to find out who did it. That cop annoys me too, you only ever see him investigating Ben. Are they not bothering to investigate anyone else or are we just not seeing it? I feel really sorry for Ben & really hope it isn’t him. As for that bitch of a wife of his, I just want to slap her.

  4. @ Karlos: “Safe to say Secrets and Lies is a flop. I haven’t watched it “… how would you know if you haven’t watched it? pfffttt… its outstanding!

  5. @ Cairo “You have to have the authorities suspect them to make it a real guessing game. Atm all it is, is a bunch of people having relationship issues that have boiled up from the death of a boy.”

    For sure. Really unbelievable that the police haven’t also had potential suspects like Ben’s slightly dodgy, single lodger in their sights.

  6. I have watched every episode of S&L and what annoys me the most is the actor playing the detective. He has got to be the most two dimensional stereotypical detective ever. He has no character at all. He is painful to watch and totally unbelievable. Especially that we only see him with the main character, and therefore the other characters you feel aren’t truly suspects.

    You have to have the authorities suspect them to make it a real guessing game. Atm all it is, is a bunch of people having relationship issues that have boiled up from the death of a boy.

  7. Have been watching S&L without Zeebox or Webisodes and have found it reasonably engrossing but nothing special.
    Maybe considered a “flop” ratingswise but I have found it to be better than many other past Aus. shows of this genre.
    With the exception of the lodger/muso guy, a shame the characters are all so unlikeable though.
    Think the lead character has been miscast – find it hard to sympathise with his plight at all…

  8. The problem with Secrets & Lies is that all the clues are just stumbled upon by Ben. He conveniently goes into someone’s attic and finds a conveniently-placed box of photos. He wanders into an empty house and conveniently finds a blood-soaked parka just sitting there. He “gets busy” with his neighbour and just happens to see a photo of the parka. C’mon.

    The whole point of a murder mystery is that the clues have to be earned. And on top of that, most of the clues need to be misdirection. And you need multiple suspects. The fun of a murder mystery is in trying to outguess the sleuth. In order to do that you need something to work with.

    And the always-on soundtrack of brooding music is ridiculous and annoying.

  9. I’m totally hooked on Secrets and Lies, it draws you in and spins you around every week.

    I love it when clues drop into my Facebook feed between episodes. Maybe it’s just too 2014 for some people?

  10. Safe to say Secrets and Lies is a flop. I haven’t watched it because I missed the murder/episode 1. Planned to catch up on tenplay but the ratings didn’t really convince me to check it out. And as Den said, it seems to be one that you have to watch live along with Zeebox. Great concept but it just didn’t seem to work this time.

  11. Although I somewhat enjoy S&L, I have a serious issue with how its produced.

    If you watch the show (without Zeebox) you basically are watching a guy do silly things with little to no clues or hints as to who the killer is. The Zeebox clues really do add to the story but the detachment from the show makes it a whole lot less interesting by itself as you hear a lot of vague dialogue and nothing more.

    The webisodes I do think need to be in the episode itself as I feel it’s quite significant (Webisode 5 in particular reveals mental illness of one of the characters) but is only hinted at with a “you don’t know who that person really is” in the last episode.

    I really don’t have hope that the ending will be satisfactory unfortunately.

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