Aussie format Zombie Boot Camp wins MIPTV pitching contest

2014-03-15_0134An unproduced Australian format has won the MIPFormats International Pitch at MIPTV in Cannes.

Reality-horror hybrid series Zombie Boot Camp by The Feds has won €25,000 ($36,858) to develop their idea into a show.

Lisa Gray and Claire Marshall from The Feds (Stay Tuned, The In Crowd) pitched their idea against five other finalists from Italy, Spain, Ireland and the UK.

Zombie Boot Camp is a reality show that trains sixteen contestants for the fight of their lives – the ZombieApocalypse. Every episode contestants in two teams will compete in a survival challenge, testing their skills in everything from skull protection to improvised bullets. The winning team will be given immunity, the losing team must choose three contestants to face the Zombies. Two contestants will escape but the last to reach the escape hatch will be eaten. In the finale the final two will face 200 zombies including their old team members in the greatest zombie battle ever seen!

“This win is a testament to the rich and diverse content that is coming out of Australia right now,” The Feds’ founder and director of content and broadcast, Lizzy Nash said.

“The Feds are proud to be taking our innovation globally with such a supportive development partner in Warner Bros.”

Last year Peter Helliar’s It’s a Date picked up the Best Scripted Format Award at Cannes.

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