Biggest Loser, Jack Irish score in ‘off-Broadway’ Sunday.

2014-04-14_0952Q: How do you know we’re in the non-ratings season?
A: TEN and the ABC had a better night.

Last night Seven and Nine were still out in front, but TEN put in a better performance, managing third place.

The Biggest Loser: The Winner Announced scored 949,000 for TEN. Split into three numbers it also pulled 860,000 and 650,000 for The Final Weigh In and Finale Night respectively. What a shame it took non-ratings for TEN to manage better numbers.

Downton Abbey was the top entertainment show for the night at 1.07m viewers.

ABC1’s Jack Irish telemovie, originally scheduled for last Sunday before being moved, also did well without so much competition. At 780,000 it bettered The Mentalist on Nine at 569,000 / 383,000.

Best for SBS was Scotland: Rome’s Final Frontier at 311,000.

Also worth a mention were the numbers for a Modern Family repeat: 264,000 -only just about the 231,000 that saw Have You Been Paying Attention? moved.

Full ratings wraps will resume in survey in 2 week’s time.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 13 April 2014


  1. Thanks David for this report. I was especially interested in how Modern Family went (typo alert in the sentence with Modern Family because I presume you meant “above” rather than “about” – I hate it when that happens myself i.e. type one word when you meant to type another) .

    I’ll note in regards to Modern Family I wonder if people knew it was on. An electronic TV Guide listed it but a paper TV Guide listed Have You Been Paying Attention? Of course Sunday at 6pm hasn’t been rating very well for awhile. For the record I hope it can find an audience. I would like to have watched a repeat of it sometime but don’t like watching most Ten repeats these days.

    @ maxxdude

    I agree with you. I think they need to possibly start shows early. Or at least consider doing so.

    Lastly I’m glad the Scotland documentary did well for SBS.

  2. @ Aussiecam58
    Yeah agree, I think that’s what ten can only do now, otherwise Masterchef will suffer the same fate as TBL. They need to open up 7:00pm timeslot now. The quicker, the better.

  3. It may not have rated, but “Inside Job” on GEM last light was breath taking in the audacity and take over of fiscal policy that lead to the GFC. For the first time I understood derivatives, no mean feat for such a complex investment vehicle.

  4. @William Blue Bloods can go back to One where, I’d argue, it belongs. One have a pretty handy Wed night line up (it just doesn’t rate).

  5. Secret Squirrel

    @Den – I enjoyed the 1-1.5hr format of GNW but have now moved on and I suspect that would be the case for many other people.

    Also, I’ve got the solution to Network Ten’s woes – just make the next series of TBL consist entirely The Winner Announced episodes. It still won’t beat whatever 7 and 9 will have on but it should see them overtake the ABC for third.

  6. If I was Ten I would have been blooding the new shows during the non rating period to give viewers a chance to switch to Ten & maybe stay with those shows.

  7. Ten made the huge mistake by moving from a 7pm start to a 7.30pm. I just dont understand channels who mess with a winning formula.

    For TBL to succeed it needs an earlier timeslot and l would have it 6 or 6.30pm especially in summer where all of us want inspiration.

    Ten needs to launch at 7pm not 7.30pm. If Masterchef starts at 7.30pm then Ten has a looser already. Nine sole the idea of earlier starts and Ten has to go back to them now Nine has one hour news programs.

  8. @ David – Do you think if HYBPA manages to succeed as a late-night format, TEN might give Can of Worms a second life in a similar timeslot? I know it’s ratings weren’t great at 8:30pm which led to it being shelved, but surely if HYBPA succeeds it could indicate similar success for the far better (in my opinion anyway) and more conversationally based Can of Worms to be given a second life. I only ask as in one of your Letters to TEN’s CEO (can’t remember which one) you said that if mornings were such a problem they should have a kicker late night to get viewers to stay on TEN, and these shows could be such late-night possibilities.

  9. I agree with David – we shouldn’t be wishing shows be axed, particularly tried and tested ones like The Biggest Loser. There are a lot of livelihoods connected to TV programs. It’s very easy for people to just knock something and call for its demise. It is not the show that is doing badly but rather the network going through a rather extended slump. It’s time the public started supporting Australian programming & Australian jobs, rather than not considering the horrible consequences. Don’t like a show? Fine. TBL is now one I watch either but I support it nonetheless.

  10. ten have a history of renewing huge flops, and justifying it because of the 5min ‘winner announced’ ratings. perhaps TBL will be returning in 2015 after all despite regularly coming 5th in its slot and being a driving force in sending the network to record lows.

  11. @David Where do you think HYBPA? will end up?
    To me, it’s harmless fun that never really belonged at 6pm Sundays. I’m thinking 9.30pm Monday would be a much better spot for it. Blue Bloods doesn’t rate, if HYBPA? could get 250-300k there that’s a start.

  12. Credit to Ten when it is due. But its a grand final of a show, it can’t crack a million viewers, it only lands the channel in third place, and there was no MKR / The Block against it. I don’t think Ten would really be happy with those figures.

    • Shoudy: Before you wish for shows to be axed it might help if you read the article better and understood that even Modern Family could not score that well in the timeslot on TEN, including in non-ratings period. How disappointing of anybody wishing for local productions to be axed. If you don’t like a show you do have a remote.

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