Downton Abbey update

2014-04-05_2348Viewers in Melbourne and Adelaide who are looking for Downton Abbey in their schedule tonight should turn their attention to Thursday night.

An AFL match plays tonight on Seven  from 6:30pm in both cities.

On Thursday My France with Manu airs at 8pm and Downton Abbey from 9pm.


  1. There was so much hype and so many adverts before the new series started. Then a few weeks in it is “pulled” with virtually no advance warning so that a football game could be aired. Then last night my wife and I by chance happened across the “pulled” episode of DA on Southern Cross, finally being shown. No advance warning – nothing. For a station which cannot even offer a decent “catch-up” service on equipment other than Samsung, this is not good enough. We missed the first 20 mins or so.
    Why does football have to be given such priority and the many fans of DA be treated so abysmally?

    • Technically it was never pulled because it was never scheduled. AFL was always there due to pricey contracts and DA is not the only show in this situation. I do what I can to alert viewers of such changes (including sched. info via show Tags). If Southern Cross didn’t adequately promote then yes that’s annoying.

  2. Only a few weeks ago there was a huge fight on Sunday nights between Rake, Fat Tony and Downton. Last night??? Nothin’ .. just bloody football, plus another load of crap.

    Must be non-ratings – which is stupid because ratings seem to be gathered 52 weeks a year.

  3. I too am absolutely disgusted at sport being the only thing considered. Is it any wonder viewer ratings are down for programmes, I get so fed up watching half way through and then you cancel. I too will wait and buy it on Dvd the only sure way to rely on anyway. TV is an absolute disgrace. We will not have it much longer if you persist in not listening, this has taken me one hour to find where to send a message does that indicate my anger!

  4. TasTVcameraman

    This is why I hate Football, everything good gets shoved aside for all mighty AFL.

    Mind you I can give the French thing a miss.

    Reminds me too much of how I do not like contrived reality shows, MKR, The Block etc.

    But really Seven spoilt Downton for me anyway with their seemingly never ending ads.

    I purchased the series on DVD. As I have after the first series. It is a series which demands concentration.

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