Gaelic Football coming to 7mate

2014-04-04_11557mate will broadcast live coverage of all 45 Provincial and All-Ireland championship matches of the Gaelic Athletic Association for 2014.

The games to be televised include the All-Ireland finals, semi-finals and quarter finals in both Gaelic football and hurling, along with all six Provincial championship finals.

To air from May to September, Seven’s exclusive deal is reportedly the first time ever an Australian free-to-air network has shown Gaelic matches.

Saul Shtein, head of Seven Network Sport, commented: “There are thousands of Irish ex-pats and people of Irish descent living in Australia, and indeed sports lovers in general, who will be thrilled the number one sport in Ireland will be on the number one free-to-air network in Australia. It’s a big win for Gaelic and sports fans alike.”


  1. FALMAG when one first came on free TV they had NFL NBA NHL Nass cases hope spell right and the afl. Now one just playa rep shows and play some sport but not like they use to.

  2. I would much rather sports like Major League Baseball, NFL, NBA and the NHL to be picked up by the free to air networks. Rather than loading up their secondary channels with continous repeats of shows or converting to the home shopping network every night. Honestly how many times in a week can a steam mop, robot vacuam cleaner and stone cookware be advertised in a week.

  3. @William
    Last year’s International Rules Gaelic Football broadcasted on 7mate. That coverage of GAA on The HD channel didn’t rate that well possibly due to the live coverage in the midnight. This year’s Gaelic Football Coverage will be shown live – possibly during midnight and early morning.

  4. The networks have established their secondary channels and are now just looking for the cheapest stuff that won’t lose viewers.

    73 have run of out of shows about pawnshops and have decided to target the drunk-Irish-backpacker-in-pubs demographic.

    As a sport channel One peaked at 1.3% share showing minor sports.

  5. Gaelic won’t rate and it’s in a terrible time slot as it is in the graveyard.
    @Earthquake – there is a rumour that Ten will rebranded as FOX News and it be similar to the US channel. Courtesy 2UE

  6. Many years ago I used to watch the Australian Gaelic Games on Aunty. The Hurling would end and almost the same two teams would back up for the Gaelic Football. The two matches would be over by around 4:30 ish and by 6;30 pm everyone would be choc a bloc with Guiness and completely legless…..Begorrah!

  7. @David lucky you didn’t run with that sort of picture when 7mate covered the ‘Legends’ Football League….

    Correct if I’m wrong, is this the ‘FA Cup’ of the GAA?

  8. Aussie: You should have seen the others. Maybe we should tune in!

    Evan: Thanks for that. Seven’s release said it was the first. I inserted the word “reportedly” for that very reason.

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