Gold Logie 2014: Great Scott it’s Cam!


The Block‘s Scott Cam has won the Gold Logie for 2014.

“This is really unbelievable,” he said.

The carpenter turned television presenter thanked former producers who assisted him early in his career, cameramen, network, his co-host, Block judges and family.

“I’m not here without a great show like The Block.

“I’m so lucky that they asked me to look after their show.

“I need to thank the whole Block family.

“Everybody works as a family and we all work together really well.

He also thanked co-host Shelley Craft.

“I really love being part of the Channel Nine family,” he said.

“They’ve been extremely loyal to me.”

Andy Lee (Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year Asia, Nine Network)
Asher Keddie (Nina Proudman, Offspring, Network Ten)
Carrie Bickmore (The Project, Network Ten)
Essie Davis (Phryne Fisher, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, ABC1)
Scott Cam (The Block, Nine Network)
Stephen Peacocke (Darryl ‘Brax’ Braxton, Home and Away, Channel Seven)

Later Cam said, “I watched the Logies as a kid, and I loved them. When I was younger, to watch my heroes winning [Gold] like Bert Newton, Don Lane, I can’t fathom [that I have won one next to them]. I am a carpenter; I am not up there with them. I was lucky enough to get a nomination in that circle, which is pretty fun. It’s ridiculous, really.”

Full winners here.


  1. It seems when nine host the awards it always turns out to be the channel nine tv awards.its a very sad state of affairs in the australian tv industry when scotty cam wins the gold .i have never watched his show but a reality tv host wins gold .oh please .the logies have lost any repsect they ever had as a tv industry award night.they are a joke.and nine always seem to high jack the awards night when it hosts it on tv.

  2. @daveinprogress: Yeah, I remember Karl’s, Ray’s and even Hamish’s wins had big campaigns behind them, but I wasn’t aware of any such campaign for Scott this time around. I didn’t see any TV adverts and I couldn’t find it on The Block Facebook page amongst all the annoying Channel Nine cross-promotions. It’s possible I just missed it, though.

  3. timmydownawell

    “He has made The Block into one Nine’s most popular shows..”

    @maxxdude I think The Block’s success is despite him, not because of him. Cam won because Nine’s bogan audience didn’t know who the other contenders were.

  4. @ Cookie
    Yeah, I would rather see Jessica Marais up on the podium.
    Watched the Logies last night, It was good, liked that it was much quicker. H & A should have been the official hosts. Good to see Channel Seven win the sports coverage for the Melbourne Cup!
    Look, I am not sure about the Gold Logie winner, but when I saw his name nominated I thought nine is going to try really hard for him to win. So…. I wanted Asher to win back to back.
    The Logies need to be shared by each network.

  5. @ bettestreep2008, totally agree
    @ mark w. totally agree, again and no one has mentioned the absolute cringe worthy julia morris who thinks by pulling faces(or not in this case) and shouting equates to a comedy routine.

  6. As someone who’s come from a chippy background and worked his way through to a high rating show, I think he’s done a tremendous job and deserves the gold logie. Well done Scotty.

  7. Why is everyone knocking Scott Cam’s win last night? I think he is a great winner.
    He has made The Block into one Nine’s most popular shows & he doesn’t appear to have changed from when he first appeared on our screens.
    The Gold Logie is for the most popular Personality on Australian TV. It can be a newsreader,presenter, actor or actress as long as they are on a show.
    Give Scott Cam a break. He deserved that win last night.

  8. daveinprogress

    @Chris N – yes, i agree – but it seems to be the fans lobbying. So too, Karl Stefanovic, Ray Meagher – also from memory had no previous nominations before winning Gold. It seems anybody can get a campaign up and running. It seems odd to me who becomes fan favorites. No Larry Emdur, Manu, Luke Jacobz, Dan McPherson, Sonia Kruger, Kerrie Anne

  9. I always love the day after the Logies and people are so disgraced at the winners. These awards have as much credibility as the Nickeldeon Kids Choice Awards or the MTV Movie Awards. Ie, not much. It’s an award ceremony run by a magazine. They’re voted by the few hundred people who still buy the magazine, normally the elderly. Though, mostly, they’re voted by interns and the publicity departments at each network. They’re a PR exercise. Nothing more. No prestige and no credibility.

  10. @ David can we look back in history of the blog … just to look at who commented on the logies last year?…. would be interesting to see if the same people complaining are the same people watching and claiming it was rigged and its a vehicle for 9… when i think 7 probably won most awards… and a massive plug to a network … that admittedly no one seems to watch.. just my thoughts

  11. The audio issues were immense. Starting with Jason Derulo’s performance, even the onstage banter was either up to 11 or down to 4 with a whole lot of background noise drowning them out.

    As for the production budgets…well. Jason Derulo’s set up looked like a Rock Eisteddfod.

  12. Scott Cam’s a nice guy, but reallly? That came out of nowhere! He’s been on TV since 2000. If it were because of his popularity as a personality, would he not have been nominated at least once before? People say it’s because of The Block but he’s been doing that since 2010. It’s not like it hasn’t been popular in the past.

    Usually people get nominated (even if unsuccessfully) before they win, and yet Scott all of a sudden not only gets nominated for the first time, but wins? I just can’t think of a reason that would explain a surge of this magnitude (even beating last year’s winner Asher Keddie after Offspring has had a particularly good year) at this point in time.

  13. I don’t see why anyone should be surprised that someone who is very popular won a popularity contest. He hosts and incredibly successful show. With the exception of the Home and Away the other nominees are on shows that aren’t on all the time or don’t rate as highly.

  14. So Scott Cam is the most popular Australian television star.Says alot that the people who voted for him could truly identify with him the most.Is it the case of Bogans rule?

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