Here come “the Offspring Logies”

Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 11.21.50 pm.jpg2014 will be the Offspring Logies according to readers of TV Tonight‘s crowd-sourcing Tip the Logies survey.

If the predictions prove correct, TEN will need to make room in its cabinet for 4 more Offspring trophies:

Gold and Silver Logies for Asher Keddie, a Silver for Matt Le Nevez and the Most Popular Drama award going to the show itself.

TEN’s good luck is unlikely to end there, with Carrie Bickmore favoured to take out Silver: Most Popular Presenter -just.

There were over 400 people voting in the 4 day survey, asked to weigh in on the Popular category nominees.

But readers tipped also wins for Seven and Nine too.

Better Homes and Gardens is favoured in the Lifestyle category. Seven’s My Kitchen Rules is a runaway favourite for Most Popular Reality category and Johnny Ruffo should have Most Popular New Talent in the bag.

Nine’s The Voice is tipped to win Most Popular Light Entertainment and NRL Footy Show looks set for the Sports win over its AFL counterpart.

In the open question of Hall of Fame, readers preferred Noni Hazlehurst but also tipped Home and Away, Peter Harvey and Daryl Somers.

Here are the full results according to readers:

49% Asher Keddie (Nina Proudman, Offspring, Network Ten)
19% Carrie Bickmore (The Project, Network Ten)
15% Scott Cam (The Block, Nine Network)
8% Andy Lee (Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year Asia, Nine Network)
7% Stephen Peacocke (Darryl ‘Brax’ Braxton, Home and Away, Channel Seven)
2% Essie Davis (Phryne Fisher, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, ABC1)

No contest here with Asher Keddie set for her second Gold trophy.

45% Matthew Le Nevez (Dr. Patrick Reid, Offspring, Network Ten)
28% Stephen Peacocke (Darryl ‘Brax’ Braxton, Home and Away, Channel Seven)
13% Chris Lilley (Ja’mie King, Ja’mie: Private School Girl, ABC1)
10% Hugh Sheridan (Ben Rafter, Packed to the Rafters, Channel Seven)
4% Dan Ewing (Heath Braxton, Home and Away, Channel Seven)

While appearing in Parer’s War at the same time as the awards are presented, Matt Le Nevez looks best to win his second Silver Logie. He previously won Most Outstanding Actor in 2006 for The Society Murders.

67% Asher Keddie (Nina Proudman, Offspring, Network Ten)
10% Rebecca Gibney (Julie Rafter, Packed to the Rafters, Channel Seven)
9% Marta Dusseldorp (Sarah Adams, A Place to Call Home, Channel Seven)
9% Julia Morris (Gemma Horne, House Husbands, Nine Network)
4% Essie Davis (Phryne Fisher, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, ABC1)

Just give Asher Keddie a Silver Logie and cut to the acceptance speech. This one is done and dusted.

34% Carrie Bickmore (The Project, Network Ten)
26% Scott Cam (The Block, Nine Network)
18% Hamish Blake (Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year Asia, Nine Network)
12% Adam Hills (Adam Hills Tonight, ABC1)
10% Andy Lee (Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year Asia, Nine Network)

Very close voting centred on the Presenter category, with Scott Cam taking an early lead before Carrie Bickmore hit the front. At 8% the lead is no sure thing, but these two should tussle it out.

56% Offspring (Network Ten)
17% Home and Away (Channel Seven)
17% House Husbands (Nine Network)
6% Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (ABC1)
3% Winners & Losers (Channel Seven)

After its dramatic year, readers reckon Offspring will snare its first gong as Most Popular Drama.

42% Johnny Ruffo (Chris Harrington, Home and Away, Channel Seven)
28% Caren Pistorius (Eloise Ward, Offspring, Network Ten; Janine Myles, Redfern Now, ABC1; Beth Ridgeway, Paper Giants: Magazine Wars, ABC1)
14% Bonnie Sveen (Ricky Sharpe, Home and Away, Channel Seven)
9% Abby Earl (Anna Bligh, A Place to Call Home, Channel Seven)
8% Timomatic (Australia’s Got Talent, Nine Network)

Johnny Ruffo’s fan base should deliver him a win, despite a good showing by the versatile Caren Pistorius.

38% The Voice (Nine Network)
24% The X Factor Australia (Channel Seven)
18% Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year Asia (Nine Network)
10% The Project (Network Ten)
10% Ja’mie: Private School Girl (ABC1)

Nine’s singing show is favoured to pip Seven’s despite the latter airing closer to the voting period. This vote goes against readers’ own TV Tonight Awards which awarded The Project the same title just 4 months ago, meaning they think the wider public will vote differently.

61% My Kitchen Rules (Channel Seven)
13% The Block Sky High (Nine Network)
9% The Block All Stars (Nine Network)
9% Bondi Rescue (Network Ten)
8% Big Brother (Nine Network)

A huge lead here by MKR but was it influenced by the show being recently on air? The Block‘s two nominations will potentially split their votes.

45% The NRL Footy Show (Nine Network)
38% The AFL Footy Show (Nine Network)
11% Before the Game (Network Ten)
5% Wide World Of Sports (Nine Network)
2% The Cricket Show (Nine Network)

NRL pips AFL according to votes. But the difference is a slim 7% and there are slightly more NSW readers than Vic readers here. Either way this will be a Nine win. Note that readers awarded Before the Game in the TV Tonight Awards.

54% Better Homes and Gardens (Channel Seven)
24% The Living Room (Network Ten)
11% Selling Houses Australia (Foxtel/The LifeStyle Channel)
7% Domestic Blitz: The Block to the Rescue (Nine Network)
4% Embarrassing Bodies Down Under (Foxtel/LifeStyle YOU)

Again, despite their own preference for The Living Room in site awards, readers agree Better Homes and Gardens will take home the trophy once more.

Noni Hazlehurst
Home and Away
Peter Harvey
Daryl Somers
Denise Drysdale
Wendy Hughes
Kerri-Anne Kennerley

Readers may be supporting a recent article here to recognise Noni Hazlehurst (TV Tonight hears whispers it will not be happening).

There were many suggestions supplied in this category, presumably some from industry insiders, but too many to list.



  1. How annoying of Richard Wilkins to reveal the HOF inductee. It was meant to be a surprise to viewers. I hope he is wrong. They need to stop inducting people posthumously, or start inducting more than one person per year, so that they don’t have to wait until they’re dead.

  2. You’d think people who voted for Steph Peacocke to win the Gold would have voted for him for Most Popular Actor and given he’s the only guy in his category nominated for Gold he’d have to win the Silver wouldn’t he.

  3. David: I’d love to see a highlight package of some of those other suggestions for HOF, from this experiment, in a future post, possibly advocating a move towards potential HOF candidates being chosen by the people: for the industry to vote on (with the #1 pick by the people, being counted as a vote in the industry ballot on behalf of the people), not TV Week?

    It’d be a interesting concept, especially if it were a write/type-in category like was used for this experiment.

  4. Did anyone else hear the comment from Richard Wilkins on Weekend Today this morning that Peter Harvey is receiving the Hall of Fame award?

    David have you heard that?

  5. Isn’t it sad that it takes a death to make Offspring win a bunch of awards?? (I know it hasn’t happened yet but it will). Offspring is such an amazing show, not overrated at all, and should be recognized regardless of the death, just saying. Still I hope Offspring wins all awards (as I do every year). And I hope Steve Peacock/Dan Ewing do not win. Their characters are so annoying and dominate all the time leaving better talented characters with hardly any screentime. I also would prefer Carrie Brickmore to not get it either as all she mainly does is read of a teleprompter and that’s not talent in my eyes, sure she’s nice but it shouldn’t be about reading things off teleprompters!!

  6. If it turns out to be the ‘offspring’ logies, I believe it will sum up what a unique, powerful show it continues to be. There’s nothing like it anywhere on TV and it definitely deserves the recognition.

  7. interesting to see who we think is going to win (and not win). I think that most winners chosen will win their respective awards.

    The Block’s two seasons split up the voters, making MKR the winner

  8. Will be very interesting to see how many of the tips are correct. Personally, I hope Offspring doesn’t win four Logies, as imo it is one of the most overrated shows on TV, although in the actual ratings, it doesn’t do anywhere near as well as other Aussie dramas.

  9. Hopefully Asher brushes up on her acceptance speech skills. Every one I’ve seen of hers so far has been painfully awkward.

    I think tvtonight readers have got most of them right, although perhaps underestimates the voting power of home & away and Steve peacocke fans.

  10. Scott Cam is $1.25 to win gold which is very very short. I hope he doesnt win.

    I expect the NRL footy show to win as AFL viewers definitely prefer before the game over the footy show, therefore AFL footy show loses votes. but next year it may change as there will be no before the game to vote for.

    Id love to see Carrie win something.

  11. I think MKR because (a) it was being mercilessly advertised during the voting period (not for Logies, just being on air) and (b) the two nominations for the different versions of The Block. Would channel 9 have chosen to enter it as two different entities? Seems like shooting yourself in the foot.

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