Killing Field tipped for new series title

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 12.55.37 am.jpgIf Seven’s telemovie The Killing Field proceeds to a series, as it most surely will, it will have a new title.

Rebecca Gibney confirmed to TV Tonight that the “Killing Field” refers to a single case, which is the focus of Sunday night’s telemovie.

But it will need a broader title to represent it as either a short-run or full series, involving other cases.

And what might that be? Look to the name change her character has undergone.

Originally she was to play ‘Detective Sergeant Eve Jenkins.’

Now she plays ‘Detective Sergeant Eve Winter’ …..a pun-able surname that is likely to surface in the new title.


  1. “The Dead of Winter”

    They were obviously watching the repeats of “A Touch Of Frost” on 72 when they decided to change the name.

  2. As I never watched the accursed ‘Rafters’, this series seems far more like a ‘Halifax’ sequel than anything else but she must be getting on for field work by now…

  3. Seven have tried creating new vehicles for network stars before with mixed results. It will be interesting to see if the Seven audience allows Julie Rafter to morph into a new role.

  4. Im going to bet that Seven promo department run something like this for the series version… cold and stark footage, a puddle of water with a drop of rain coming in (in super slowmo) with the graphic ‘Winter is coming…’

  5. Great casting decision to reunite Rebecca and Peter after all these years.

    Not rapt in The Killing Field as a title – its terribly unoriginal – and I really hope they don’t go for a Winter-pun on the series. The same goes for their other pilot Hartman’s Solution. Enough already with the oh-so-obvious puns!

  6. I thought that this was going to be a short series like Broadchuch, and Seven kept advertising it as a winter show also, and not its being played late autumn.

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